Send me your fireworks tales

SEND ME YOUR FIREWORKS TALESIt’s not the 4th of July yet, but I’m planning some fireworks on my blog for the 4th, and I want you to be a part of it.

I want you to share your fireworks tales with me.

Most everyone has a fireworks tale from childhood. Something goofy or stupid that happened with fireworks. I have bunches of fireworks stories, like the time my brother threw a cherry bomb into the shower — when I was in it!  Buck naked and dripping wet I chased him upstairs and through the house (we had company). There’s more to that story, but you get the idea.


Send me your tales (250 words or so) to stevesaw@gmail.com and I’m going to publish the best ones on my blog, http://stevensawyer@wordpress.com on July 4th. Or post them as comments right here.

Please, no gory tragic death or lost limb tales.  Let’s have fun with this.

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