Teacher, can I have a condom? What’s a condom?

Provincetown, Massachusetts has literally fallen off the cliff.

Their local school board voted unanimously to give permission for students as young as first graders to ask for, and receive, condoms.

The principal’s justification sounded like political spin to give credence to the notion that kids that young should know what kind of world they’re living in. I guess that’s the educate-the-whole-child approach even if the child is nowhere close to being whole in the first grade.

Several things about this proposition are just plain morally, spiritually, physiologically, physically and emotionally wrong.  In the first place I don’t know of many first graders who even know what a condom is, much less care.  And, to be blunt, I don’t know of many first graders who could use one even if they knew what it was for.

Second, this takes public involvement in the private lives of families and their responsibility to raise their own children to the absurd.

Third, intrusive decisions like this one trample all over family values.

Public education has become too powerful.  Public education has displaced parents as authority figures in the home.  What teachers and administrators and whacked out school boards seem to be saying, illustrated by some recent decisions and policies, is that parents are too stupid, too apathetic and too uninformed to make important decisions about the health and welfare of their own children.  I will grant that many parents today are stupid, apathetic and uninformed. But even stupid, apathetic and uninformed parents have the unalienable, God-ordained rights to make moral and ethical decisions for and about their infant children.

We see another tragic truth arising from public education’s usurping power and control from parents.  Our education system is spending so much time doing the parents’ job, they’re not doing their own.  Education spends more time teaching nationalized social and moral values than they do teaching science and mathematics.  Education spends more time teaching students about political correctness than they do the political process.  Education spends more time teaching students about homosexuality than they do teaching history.

The result: graduating high school seniors can’t put a decent, grammatically correct sentence together. They can’t think past 30 minutes into the future.  They don’t know their multiplication tables. They wouldn’t know a critical thinking skill if it hit them between the eyes.

So, now, at least one local school board is handing out condoms to any student who asks, without requiring a note from the parents. In conclusion I’d like to ask a question or two. Now that this school in Massachusetts is handing out condoms like candy, is the school going to assume that these little kiddos already know what condoms are and how to use them?  Or will the next step be to create a course of study to instruct children on how to use condoms? Will there be (gasp) visual aids for the course? PowerPoint slides? Demonstrations? Testimonials?  I know.  My conclusion sounds absurd doesn’t it? But, is the conclusion more absurd than the basis for the conclusion, i.e. handing out condoms in elementary schools?

Read the whole story: http://bit.ly/cUOJ75

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