Sean Hannity is not a great American

Conservative talk show host, Sean Hannity, takes calls from listeners every day who say, when they call in, “Sean, you’re a great American.”  I want to puke.

What a crock!

Sean Hannity is not a great American.

Martin Luther King was a great American.  Ronald Reagan was a great American. William Bennett is a great American.  Norman Schwarzkopf is a great American. Billy Graham is a great American.  Tony Evans is a great American.  Buzz Aldren is a great American.  George Washington Carver was a great American. Clara Barton was a great American. Oscar Austin is a great American. John Philip Sousa was a great American. Dr. Tom Dooley was a great American.  Christa McAuliffe was a great American.  Jonas Salk was a great American.

Sean Hannity is a talk show host– a rude one at that, who interrupts every guest who fails to agree with his point of view.

He’s a talk show host.

He makes millions every year (which I don’t begrudge him) talking about politics, selling books, and speaking to like-minded conservatives.  He is a conservative who espouses Christian values on the air (to his credit, but not unlike other radio personalities, e.g. Chuck Swindoll and Tony Evans, along with Mike Huckabee, Bill O’Reilly and other Hannity FOXNews talkers). He associates himself with Freedom Concerts every year and gives some (or all) the proceeds to charitable causes (also to his credit).

He has become as radically conservative as some of his left-wing counter parts.  I used to enjoy some of his programs when he allowed free-flowing, point-counter point debate on topics, because I’m a conservative Christian who enjoys participating in and listening to honest debate.  But now there’s no debate.  His guests who espouse liberal points of view, in contrast to Hannity’s conservative views, expose themselves to Hannity’s constant interruptions and hammering sarcasm.  None of the guests who disagree with him ever get to complete a sentence.

To put Hannity in the same class of great Americans such as Stormin’ Norman and Buzz Aldren and Oscar Austin diminishes their honor and their place in history.   I’ve never heard Hannity disagree with anyone who referred to him as a great American.  I’m sure he’s been called a great American enough now that he probably believes he is one.

But he’s just a talk show host. Will Hannity ever walk on the moon?  Will he carry out successful battle strategies in war? Cure disease?  Save lives? Do anything heroic?  I don’t think so.  And I think it will be many years before history books regard radio talk shows as events that impact history.  Maybe someday Hannity will do something great to serve mankind.  But, in my view, before anyone can honestly refer to Sean Hannity as a great American, he’ll have to do something monumental as something other than a rich, conservative talk show host.

One thought on “Sean Hannity is not a great American

  1. The only thing that can really be said about “Great Americans” is that that designation is most certainly in the eye of the beholder.

    If anything, personal sacrifice is a better way to define a Great American; that is far removed from these talk show hosts who stir up controversy for (big) profit.


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