Are You Being Safe On Facebook?

Are you being safe on Facebook?
An Indiana woman thought she could trust her Facebook friends and got robbed by one of them.

She posted a message on Facebook that she and her fianceé were going out for the evening to hear a band. When she got home she found her house broken into and several thousand dollars worth of personal property stolen. The thieves had even ripped a flat screen TV right out of the wall.

Fortunately her recently installed security video cameras caught the robbery on tape. She recognized one of the robber s as one of her Facebook “friends.” He allegedly read her post about her plans to be at a concert that night, called the concert venue to find out when the bad started playing, and robbed her home with a buddy while she was gone.

If you want to read the story, click here.

Seems to me that a safer thing to do on Facebook might be to post about stuff you’ve already done, and not things you’re about to do. Something like: My fianceé and I went to a great concert downtown tonight. Broadcasting upcoming plans to be away from your home is the same as advertising your place as a prime target for crime.

Another thing that astonishes me is the number of Facebook “friends” I’ve seen who post their full address and all their contact information right on their Facebook page. Every time I find a friend posting stuff like that I immediately contact them privately, by email, and remind them of the risk they run by exposing their personal information for the world (and robbers and rapists and thieves and burglars) to see.

Am I being paranoid? Ask the lady from Indiana. I bet she’d say I’m just being smart. I’ll bet she won’t be posting any more “upcoming” plans on Facebook any time soon.

Is your address or phone number posted on your Facebook page? If it is, why?

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