Readers respond to Obama column

Some Readers Still Blaming Bush For Our Economic Woes
Much of the criticism is coming from within his own party and the liberal press that endorsed him

I occasionally dip my toe into the quagmire of politics with my friends on Facebook and Twitter. My comments usually generate remarks, most of which are either right on supportive or downright defensive. I have several friends with whom I am able to carry on relatively healthy debates about our different political leanings.

I recently opined on the state of our floundering economy which drew the ire (even a swear word or two) from several readers. They were passionate, heartfelt responses. After all this time my Facebook friends continued to Bush-bash and blame him and his administration for our current social and economic woes.

I honestly can not judge  George Bush‘s effectiveness as a president. Nor can my friends. History will decide his success or failure as our Chief Executive. My friends on the other side of the aisle can not honestly and accurately label him a failed president and place responsibility for our current economic crisis at his feet. They’ll have to wait on history. As a nation we are still too close to Bush’s presidency. Years must pass before historians and the public can put perspective on a presidency in terms of his positive or negative impact on the country.

For instance, today we’re still feeling the positive impact of Ronald Reagan‘s famous plea, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall” in a Berlin speech in 1987. The Berlin Wall didn’t come down for 19 more months, but that event led to the liberation of Russia and several countries previously living under communist rule across Eastern Europe.

In the same vein critics railed against FDR’s Work Projects Administration, WPA, in 1935 as wasteful government spending (total cost of the project over several years was more than $11 billion). However, in the long-term, and just before WWII, the project employed millions of unemployed and helped rescue the nation and its economy from its horrible depression. But history judged it successful and its conservative critics in that day were wrong. BTW Obama’s stimulus package is nothing like Roosevelt’s WPA that rescued a failing economy.

Who knows? Archeologists hundreds of years from now digging in Iraq might find weapons of mass destruction. No one knows today for certain whether they were or were not real.

Despite his personal failings I think history will judge Bill Clinton as an effective president who made some positive contributions to our country and the world. I did not vote for him, and he made lots of decisions and signed lots of legislation that pushed me to the brink of outrage. But I still prayed for him as the president of the United States.

I can’t deny he is still working for the good of the country albeit a different capacity. Do I believe or support his efforts to shore up his Democratic colleagues? No. But I admire his budding friendship with George Bush’s father, and the things they are doing together for the good of the country.

Unfortunately my readers on the liberal side of the fence don’t seem as gracious. Some of the readers who respond to me sound angry. They swear. They spew vehement condemnation of President Bush. Here’s an excerpt: “The Damn republicans won’t let it (tax cuts proposed by Obama for the middle class) go through the senate because of some lame excuse or lie!  They  just don’t want president Obama to look like he is actually a good president which he is.  They are willing to let the middle class suffer for their own greed and political reasons!  Bush broke the economy. He took the surplus and gave it to his cronies in the way of tax cuts for the rich.”

Does that sound like hostility and anger to you?

It did to me.

I responded to my readers, this one in particular, by telling them I was not the enemy. Much of the criticism of President Obama and his politics is coming from within his own party ranks and the liberal media who endorsed him and helped elect him. Here are just a few of the headlines from the news media yesterday: Dems breaking with Obama’s Economic Plan and Thrill is Gone, Students Recruited To Fill Seats For Obama Appearance and New Low: Obama Approval At 41% and Gov’t Makes It Up: Jobs Numbers “Estimated” For The Week.

I told my Obamitian readers that these headlines were not coming from conservative (FoxNews) news outlets. They were headlines in major news outlets that once thought Obama would be a good president and endorsed him and covered his campaign with vigor and enthusiasm and hope.

Will the midterm elections show the country’s growing dissatisfaction with this Congress and this Administration? We’ll find out in less than 60 days. I just hope these readers who so adamantly support Obama (despite the overwhelming evidence that his policies are not working) will stop blaming Bush and start encouraging Obama to stop playing the blame game and start taking responsibility for his own presidency.  Why is the rear view mirror on a car is so small? Think about it, folks.

One thought on “Readers respond to Obama column

  1. [despite the overwhelming evidence that his policies are not working]

    No, they are working. The stimulus has created jobs and improved our infrastructure. That’s what it was supposed to do.

    The economy failed due to Bush’s and Republican’s policies. The conservative deregulation of the late 90s (which Clinton signed) led to the housing boom and bust. The war in Iraq led to the big jump in gas prices. Those two events were central to the collapse of our economy. Then you had Bush promoting his “ownership” society and the relaxing of rules to get a mortgage. And of course, the tax cuts that created huge deficits.

    Republican history didn’t begin when Obama took office. Republicans still destroyed our country. It would be insane to put them back in control.


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