Sainz Gives New Meaning To “Hanging Out With The Guys”

Ines Sainz was dressed too provocatively in the midst of hot, sweaty testosterone-filled football players

Three Female Sports Reporters, Three Outfits
Three Female Sports Reporters, Three Outfits

Sorry, but Ines Sainz, the Mexican reporter, had no business on the New York Jets practice field, or in their locker room, with a bunch of hot, sweaty football players barely old enough to shave when she was poured into her jeans and hanging out of her blouse.

I believe she knew exactly what she was doing and probably enjoyed the attention. Most pretty little blonds with hot bodies do.  Every red-blooded American male older than 8 (and girls older than 6) knows that every guy is driven by his testosterone and not his brain, his character, or his conscience.  Admiring  gestures, glances and comments flow from their mouths involuntarily in the presence of such blatant sexual enticement.

Ms. Sainz said she did nothing to provoke any member of the football team. That’s correct.  She did not.  She left that up to her wardrobe.  I’ll be if she had been wearing nice slacks and a turtle neck sweater or a blouse showing no cleavage, this story would be non-existent.   I included a photo of Erin Andrews and Wendi Nix, both knowledgeable, veteran ESPN sports reporters, to show the contrast between a sleazy wardrobe and professional ones.  Both Andrews and Nix are attractive and appealing as well.  However, when they are covering sports events, they dress professionally and conduct themselves as professionals.

The operative word here is “professional.”  Ms. Sainz was not dressed professionally or appropriately for the job she was assigned to do.

Let me be clear, sexual harassment of any kind is wrong and should never be tolerated, and those accused and found guilty should suffer the consequences.  Ann Ligouri wrote a very appropriate column on this spectacle on her website.  For a more in-depth analysis of this event from a world-class reporter follow this link to her story.

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