Would Your Church Give A Prostitute A Birthday Party?

What kind of church do you attend?
Would your congregation agree to throw a birthday party for prostitutes?

Is your church inward focused or outward focused? Who are you serving, each other or others? What percentage of your church budget goes to missions? When was the last time any of your congregation traveled to a foreign country to serve Jesus? When was the last time any of your congregation stepped out of its comfort zone to feed the homeless or volunteer in a food bank or a ministry for abused women and children?

As “The Church” do we love the unlovable? Do we reach out to the unreached?

Before you answer any of these questions, please take a few minutes to watch and listen to Tony Campolo describe a birthday party he gave for a prostitute. This video should make you think about what, as The Church, we are doing to serve those Jesus served.

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