Open Letter To My Liberal Democrat Friends

I deeply regret that some of the things I post about Obama and his Democratically controlled Congress make you uncomfortable or angry. Some of you who write me comments and emails seem to be offended and take my remarks personally. I’m sorry you get so upset and respond so defensively.

I’d like to offer a few thoughts for you to consider as you read this letter and my future posts and tweets:

  1. I endured liberal taunts and boasts for eight years. And before Bush I endured taunts and boasts from you about how wonderful a President Bill Clinton was who, of course, did not have sex with that woman. BTW, I still prayed for Slick Willie. Did any of you pray for President Bush? Ever? And I have prayed for Obama as well. I respect the office and whomever holds that position. We all owe that much to Mr. Obama as the leader of our country.
  2. Here’s the kicker – Much of the criticism of Czar Obama and his Democratically controlled Congress seems to be coming from within his own party ranks and your own left-wing pundits. Some of what I post is based on the stories and editorials I read from and about Democrats and the liberal left-wing media that endorsed Obama and jumped on his hope for change bandwagon during his campaign. CNN, once referred to as the Clinton News Network for its shamefully and obviously liberal bias, is now running headline stories on its website about Czar Obama’s sinking effectiveness and mounting troubles as the nation’s chief executive. One example appeared recently: White House Losing Control Of Its Story. Another story on the Democratic news network (CNN) today claims Obama’s approval rating at its lowest.
  3. Those of you who claim he is doing a great job as our president are about 20 years off in your evaluation. History will vilify or crucify his performance as a U.S. President. We don’t have the perspective of time, knowledge or objective insight on our side to accurately evaluate his presidency. That means I can’t judge him as a bad president either.
  4. None of my posts or your responses are worth 2 bytes in the grand scheme of things. What difference will it make 100 years from now what Obama or Bush or Congress did or did not do?
  5. All this discussion is a good thing. One thing I’ve bemoaned before is the lack of legitimate debate in this country. I deplore extremism of any sort, and it seems as if that’s all the talking heads do these days. Some of the worst are conservative talk show hosts who interrupt, belittle and denigrate their callers. At least, and I believe this, most of the folks with whom I discuss political and social issues have been able to do so civilly and with respect for each other’s positions, as diverse as they may be. That is legitimate debate to me (a missing element in our culture today). I’m grateful for my friends on the opposite side of the political and social issues we discuss. You have proved to me that it’s still possible for us, who hold so dearly to opposing views, to discuss our views and beliefs, express them and respect each other in the process. That’s a real blessing for me.

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