Our Real Vacation At The Red Rocker Inn

We Americans indulge a variety of interpretations of the word, “vacation.” For families with children, for example, vacation means pack for a week, drive from before dawn until dark or longer, listen to said children complain, taunt and squeal, sleep in uncomfortable beds, choke down fast food, visit all attractions within a 50-mile radius (or one attraction 50 times), take pictures, spend far beyond the budget, pack the car again, decide where to stuff all the useless souvenirs, drive back home, unpack the car, then collapse. Mom and dad usually spend the day after their family vacation trying to figure out when, or if, they had fun, while the kids are already begging to do it all over again next year.

Marie and I, empty nesters now, have a more traditional interpretation of

Me with our hosts Doug and Jenny
Me with our Red Rocker hosts, Doug and Jenny

 a “vacation.” We lean toward the dictionary definition of vacation, from the Latin word, vacare, which means “to be free or empty.” Webster describes vacation as “a scheduled time period during which activity is suspended.”  Hallelujah! To us, vacation means rest.

My dear friend Ronnie and his wife took to the mountains with another couple awhile back. Ronnie said the other couple planned an itinerary to see everything and do everything they could during their “vacation.” Ronnie and Shirley just chilled, relaxed, enjoyed their suspended activity.

That’s our idea of a vacation too. Rest. Relaxation. A pleasurable state of suspended activity.  For Marie and I that meant four days at the Red Rocker Inn in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  Hosts Doug and Jenny Bowman provided all the hospitality and wonderful home made food any couple could ask for. Besides the cozy atmosphere, Doug and Jenny run the best restaurant in town right there at Red Rocker.

Listen to this breakfast menu: homemade hot buttermilk biscuits, homemade apple-walnut caramel coffee cake, fried spice apples, oven-roasted potatoes, cheese grits, homemade country gravy, homemade apple butter, homemade pumpkin butter, sausage frittata with three kinds of cheese, toast and jam, carrot cake pancakes, apple-caramel French toast with caramel sauce, homemade raspberry-Dutch-vanilla crème syrup, homemade granola with yogurt and fresh fruit.

And they’ll do special orders if you have preferences for how things are cooked or if you have dietary considerations.

Visiting Red Rocker for me was like going home to visit mom and dad when they lived in Iowa and we lived in Georgia. They went out of their way to please us and waited on us hand and foot. That’s how Marie and I felt at Doug and Jenny’s.

North Carolina boasts more than 150 bed and breakfasts. We’ve only been to one, but Marie and I both agree. You’d have to go a long way to find more hospitable hosts, better food, and a better, more beautiful, comfortable place for a “real” vacation than Doug and Jenny’s Red Rocker Inn in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Check out our Red Rocker photo album on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/d5Hohc

Then check out Red Rocker’s website: http://www.redrockerinn.com/

Better yet, plan your next real vacation with Doug and Jenny in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina at the Red Rocker Inn.

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