Prevent Illness With An Apple A Day

Most folks are familiar with the adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  But for a Black Mountain, North Carolina woman and her husband an apple a day has become a way of life and an outreach for Jesus.

When Hallie Saunders was seven months pregnant with her third child in September, 2000 doctors discovered a fast growing breast cancer being fed by extra estrogen in her body.

Julie Collins, Your Truly and Hallie Saunders

God delivered Hallie from her cancer and called her to a crusade for healthy living and healthy eating.  “I became a student of the causes of disease,” Hallie said on the couple’s website, “and the vital part that food can and does play in recovering and more importantly preventing disease. I have also learned that one answer to cancer is never giving it a chance to start.”

Her amazing story of recovery and mission in life gave birth to their An Apple a Day Depot on State Street in the heart of Black Mountain, North Carolina, where their vegetarian menu is as tasty as it is healthy.  The tag line for the restaurant declares that An Apple a Day Depot is a place “where prevention is standard procedure.”

Their menu includes wraps, salads, soups, combos and desserts as well as a variety of healthy beverages. My favorite was their veggie burger, stacked about eight inches high. Their thick and creamy butternut squash soup will make you drool with delight.  They make their wraps and salads with organic mixed field greens, spinach, mixed raw vegetables, quinoa, pearl barley, tamari almonds, pumpkin & sunflower seeds.

You meat-and-potatoes buffs out there might turn up your noses at the thought of eating in a vegetarian restaurant. But I’m here to tell you just one stop at An Apple a Day will change your mind, and possibly your eating habits.  It did ours.  Marie and I are now eating more vegetables.  We’ve even started trying to eat an apple a day. 

Meat-and-potatoes folks may think eating vegetarian is like eating Chinese: an hour after you finish you’re hungry again.

Not so at Apple a Day Depot. When you finish eating, trust me, you’ll be full until supper time. Unlike Chinese food, their menu items are not only delicious and nutritious, they are also satisfying.

Hallie and husband Sam and their wonderful server, Julie Collins, were all inspirations to us, especially after we learned of Hallie’s journey, recovery and mission to help people prevent illness (especially cancer) before it starts.

What made our dining with them more special was their joyful spirit and their love for Jesus.  The first thing Sam does when he gets to the restaurant in the morning is turn on Christian music that plays in the background all day for all their customers. They love Jesus at Apple a Day and they don’t hesitate to share their faith.

What a place!  What wonderful people!  What great food!

If you’re ever in the vicinity of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Ashville, Black Mountain is only about 11 miles away. If you ever plan a trip to the Red Rocker Bed and Breakfast in Black Mountain ask about Apple a Day Depot. It’s just down the street, within walking distance.

You will love the food and the cozy atmosphere. And you’ll love Hallie and Sam and Julie and their wonderful spirit as well.

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