Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Stronger

I heard a story recently that illustrates God’s plan for sex in our lives in a way everyone can understand and no one can dispute.

A college professor was teaching a class on human sexuality from a secular world view. On the first day of class the professor asked how many students believed it was all right to have sex before marriage.  All but one student raised their hands. The student who did not raise his hand told the professor and the class that he believed God created sex as a blessing reserved for marriage. Of course the professor and his classmates ridiculed him. From that day the other students avoided talking with him or befriending him.

During one class the professor asked all the students to stand and take positions around the room.  The student who didn’t believe in sex before marriage stood off by himself in a corner.  The other students ignored him. The professor instructed the students to shake hands with someone in the class they did not know. The students moved about the class and shook hands with a partner.

The professor then asked the students to find another student and shake hands. Then the professor asked the students to greet one another and shake hands.

After several minutes the professor asked the students to sit in their seats.  The professor asked several students how many other students they shook hands with. “Now,” the professor said, “Every time you shook hands with another student you either passed along or contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Now every student in the class has been infected with a sexually transmitted disease.”

The student who believed God created sex as a blessing inside marriage raised his hand. “Professor,” he said, “I didn’t shake anyone’s hand.  So I guess that means I didn’t contract a sexually transmitted disease.”

The professor could not answer and all the other students fell silent.

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