A Post A Week With A Caveat

I’ve taken a break from WordPress since the day after Christmas.  Oh, I have real good excuses:

  1. The day after Christmas our heat went out. Of  course it went out as the coldest week of the year in Atlanta descended on us.
  2. Two days after Christmas Marie and I both caught acute cases of the creeping crud. We were in bed for three days (with no heat).
  3. Both cars broke and were in the shop at the same time. One is still there.
  4. Our Vonage router bit the dust so we had no Internet or phone service.
  5. All of this happened within the same 9 day period.

I’m not complaining. God blessed us both through our winter inside camp out together. We built fires, roasted marshmallows, watched movies, read, and spent lots of quality time together with few distractions talking and enjoying each other’s company.

We’re finally out of the woods now, except one of our cars is still sick and may be on its last leg wheel.

But here’s the caveat: They’ve scheduled me for open heart surgery next week and will be laid up, according to the doctors, for about three weeks.

That means I probably won’t begin a post a week (which is what I’ve committed to) until February.  I usually heal quickly from my surgeries so maybe we’ll see each other in this corner before then.

I hope so.  I’m one of those A-type personalities who can’t sit still. Before all this heart business I had two speeds: 100 miles-an-hour and off. Right now I’m at full speed at about 25 miles an hour. That’s not me.  My wife used to tell me she wished she had 10 percent of my energy. At this point she’s the hair and I’m the tortoise. I can’t wait to be the hair again.

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