Where Is The Safest Place To Be?

Is it . . .

a. in a bomb shelter 50 feet underground?

b. on a deserted island in the South Pacific?

c.  in a bunker on an Army base with a year’s supply of provisions?

or . . .Is it in the presence of Jehovah?  Listen to the words. You can find the lyrics below the video.

In and out of situations
That tug of war at me
Listen, all day long I struggle
for answers that I need.
But then I come into His presence
And all my questions become clear.
And for a sacred moment
No doubt can interfere.

In the presence of Jehovah
God Almighty. Prince of Peace.
Troubles vanish. Hearts are mended.
In the presence of the King.

Through His love the Lord provided
A place for us to rest.
It’s a place to find the answers
In the hours of distress.
So there is never any reason
To give up in despair.
You’ve got to look away
and breathe His name.
He will come and meet you there.

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