A Hot Cup Of Coffee On A Gray Day

A fellow blogger who lives in rural Ohio wrote a blog today about drinking coffee on a gray day.  In her blog she invites a friend over and they share in some idle chit chat and drink hot coffee with special creamer.  Her blog brought memories of our visits to my Aunt and Uncle’s farm in Northwest Missouri.

No matter the weather Aunt Delouise would offer us fresh brewed coffee with real cream she churned herself. I watched her churn it sometimes.  This was in the days before Coffeemate. And I can say with authority that real cream in your coffee tops any flavored Coffeemate. That coffee with a teaspoon of real sugar was the best, tastiest coffee in three counties. Now I was not old enough to drink coffee and my dad didn’t allow me to drink it. But Aunt Delouise always made sure I got a cup, even if I had to drink it in the yard or the barn.  Dad was a fuddy duddy sometimes.

At our house in Southwest Iowa Mom used to invite neighbors over for coffee, or she and her neighbors would drop in on each other.  The coffee pot was always on, especially on cold, gray Iowa days. The chit-chat continued at least through two or three cups. Sometimes coffee time turned into invitations to stay for supper, most of which the invitees accepted. Most times our moms had enough food to feed a Boy Scout Troop and still have leftovers. Extra mouths around our table was no big deal.

Thanks, Dawn, for bringing back some good old days for me.  I hope you enjoyed your gray day and coffee today.  I certainly enjoyed reading about it.

If you’d like to read about Dawn’s coffee time with her neighbor today, follow this link to her blog.

5 thoughts on “A Hot Cup Of Coffee On A Gray Day

  1. Hey, Steven, thanks to you and your friend for the coffee-time articles. There really is just something so special about a good hot cup of coffee. Even the fragrance as it’s brewing is a blessing. A hot cup of coffee always connects me with the warmth, comfort, and peace of time with my parents as well. I even find myself making sure my characters in my novels enjoy the experience of God’s gift of coffee.


  2. Aw, I’d love to know how to make homemade cream! By the way I loved your guest blog on peace. I just read it. I can’t wait to post it on my site. Thanks for sharing it. Have a blessed Easter:)


    1. Amanda, Thanks for your kind words. My aunt first milked a cow, then used the cow’s milk to make cream and butter in a churn. I watched her do it. I don’t know how that milk turned to cream, but my aunt’s was the best. Sweet with no artificial sweeteners. So was the butter. Those days, unfortunately, are gone forever.

      In Jesus’ precious name Steven Sawyer stevesaw@gmail.com https://stevensawyer.wordpress.com/


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