Top 10 Reasons People Blog

Latest figures guesstimate more than 450 million bloggers post something in the blogosphere. Actual statistics are difficult to derive because bloggers are fluid. The numbers change every day. Many blogs go dormant for a variety of reasons. We may never know how many blogs are out there in the blogosphere.  Google may not even be able to figure it out.

Just because we don’t know how many blogs are out there we do know reasons why people blog.  After extensive research by David Letterman and the Federal Government’s Why Do Bloggers Blog Research And Analysis Department, the FGWDBBRAD we now know the Top Ten Reasons Bloggers Blog.

Number 10 —  “Blog” and “blogging” are wonderful guttural sounds to make.

Number 9 —  You can tell folks you are a published author.

Number 8 — The blogosphere is the last bastions of free speech the government does not try to regulate or control.

Number 7 — Some people actually read what others blog.

Number 6 — You can make atrocious grammar, spelling and punctuation errors when you write and no one grades it.

Number 5 — You can use your blog url to inflate your LinkedIn profile.

Number 4 — You can meet some really cool fellow bloggers.

Number 3 — You can write stuff that’s not true and pretend it is.

Number 2 — You can use your blog to solicit business or contributions to raise money for your cause(s).

And the number 1 reason people blog is: Blogging has absolutely no standards, rules, prohibitions, or age or intellectual restrictions and you can write everything from the totally absurd to the most astute intellectual.

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