Urgent Prayer Request For Ukraine Family Today!

Please pray for God’s favor on the Slad (rhymes with “glad”) family in a country village outside Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Sergey and Anya Slad are seeking guardianship of 13-year-old Olya. If they don’t succeed, Olya will return to live in an orphanage. The Slads’ “Father’s Home” is full of children rescued from orphanages. These precious orphans will now grow up in a comfortable, safe, hectic Christian home. The Slads operate a Christian school in their home for their adopted children.

I first met the Slads and a local missionary, Rosa Prough, who ministers to the Slads and their family, on a mission trip to Ukraine in 2008. Our team ministered to the kids who live with the Slads and other children from the village. We held Vacation Bible School. Read Rosa’s account of the circumstances and the reasons for the urgent prayer request below the picture.

And PLEASE PRAY that the Ukraine government will grant the Slads guardianship for this beautiful child, Olya.

Tomorrow, 18 November, 2011 is the day of the Slad family’s court date for the guardianship status of Olya, the 13 year old girl they have been trying to adopt for the past year. Please pray for the judge and social service workers to put the welfare of Olya above all and that by the end of the day Sergey and Anya Slad will be the official guardians of Olya.

We’re praying after tomorrow she won’t have to spend one more night in the orphanage. Pray also for Olya as she comes to live permanently with the Slads. She has experienced so much tragedy in the past year and a half with the death of her mother a year ago, being placed in an orphanage, and then her oldest brother dying this summer.

She is cautious in opening up to people out of fear she will be hurt, but she already feels like a sister to the Slad girls who love her and care about her with a fierce loyalty I have never really seen in children before.

It warms my heart, and I’m praying that the tangible love she receives from her new family will soften her heart and help her deal with the questions she has about how God could let such horrible things happen to her.

Thank you all for your love and care for our children and families. Your prayers lifted up on our behalf have an eternal impact. May God richly bless you all and may this Thanksgiving be a wonderful time to reflect on all that God has done for us. There is truly much to be thankful for!

Z Bogom (Go with God),

Rosa for the Father’s Home team

Rosa Prough
Guiding the fatherless to the Father
Zhytomyr, Ukraine



4 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request For Ukraine Family Today!

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us, Steve! I am praying for God’s favor on this precious girl and this wonderful family to adopt her. Keep us posted. Lots of prayers and blessings to you.
    God bless!


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