FANTASTIC NEWS! Guardianship Successful For Ukraine Family

Do we serve an Awesome God or What?

I just received an email from Rosa a few minutes ago sharing the news that the Slad family in Ukraine was successful in their efforts to gain guardianship of Olya (I called her Anya yesterday) were SUCCESSFUL! Now she will have a warm, safe place to live where Godly, loving parents will provide her with all the blessings of a real home. I attached Rosa’s email response below!

Dear Father’s Home prayer warriors,

I’m sorry that I did not have any information sooner about Olya’s court hearing Friday. It was a closed hearing with just social services and the judge so we honestly had no idea what had been decided or if it had even taken place. We waited and prayed all weekend that when social services opened  Monday we would be able to find ou

Slava Bohu! Praise God that on Friday the court hearing did happen and the Slads’ guardianship of Olya was approved. She is now legally theirs. She can’t come home immediately. There is a 10 day waiting period as they do documents. Please continue to pray that there will be no delay or complications in these final steps and by Christmas Olya will be home with her new family.We love (see remainder of message below picture)


you all and thank you for your prayers on our sweet girl’s behalf. God truly is the Father of the fatherless. There is so much to be thankful for at Father’s Home this Thanksgiving.

God bless,

Rosa from The Father’s Home Team

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