New Series Starts Soon

Who Are You?

That’s the question we’ll be discussing and exploring over the next several messages. It’s a question we often ask ourselves.  We want to know that we’re significant and we have a purpose and we’re important. If we don’t think we’re significant and have a purpose in life, we feel inadequate and unimportant. We develop low self-worth.

We don’t like ourselves. We tell ourselves that since we don’t like ourselves, no one else must like us either.

Many of us often identify ourselves by what we do. Men especially seem to get their concept of identity and significance from their work. If something happens to jeopardize our work we begin a deepening downward spiral of self-doubt, self-condemnation, low self-worth and fear.  Those responses can lead to anxiety, more fear, malaise and depression. All that occurs because we don’t know (or believe) our true identity.

Here’s some of the questions we’ll answer in the next few messages about who we are:

  1. Who am I? What is my true identity?
  2. Am I significant?
  3. What is the purpose for my life?
  4. What do I believe about myself?
  5. What if I don’t like or want my true identity?
  6. What happens when I understand my true identity?
  7. Can I trust that my true identity is real?
  8. Will it last?
  9. Who will show me what my true identity is?
  10. How will my true identity change me?

Watch  your email, Facebook, Twitter for notification of the first study in our series, aptly named, Who Are You?

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