“Who Are You?” Series Starts Tuesday

We’re ready to begin our series on our true identity.

The first message starts tomorrow, Tuesday, January 3, 2012. In the future we will try to publish our messages on Mondays.

Here’s an outline for the series. (Note: This is my outline, but it’s God’s series. He may have some ideas of His own. He might want to add, change or delete something. If I hear from Him I will obey. But here’s what we have planned.)

  1. Who Do You Believe?
  2. Human Nature — The Body
  3. Human Nature — The Soul
  4. Human Nature — The Spirit
  5. Dead Old Man
  6. Brand New Man
  7. Walking In The Flesh
  8. Walking In The Spirit
  9. One Nature, Not Two
  10. Living Like A New Man
  11. Reading God’s Word

Enjoy. Remember, if you like what you read, let me encourage you to leave a comment.

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