What Do You Believe?

Preface to the “Who Are You?” BLOG SERIES.

During our “Who Are You” series we’ll challenge you to consider this question a lot: What do you believe?
Will you believe what you think about yourself and God? Or will you believe what God says about Himself and about you?

For instance, one of the verses in our series claims in part, “I have been crucified with Christ.”

That was Paul speaking in Galatians. The Bible says that is literal.  Paul (and you and I as well) were crucified, nailed to the cross with Christ. Now, if you’re reading this message, I assume you’re breathing. You’re sitting at your computer or your Android. You can move around, talk, eat, or get a snack from the refrigerator.

If that’s the case, how could you have been crucified with Christ? That happened 2,000 years ago. You weren’t even born yet, neither were your ancestors.  But the Bible said you were crucified. What do you believe about that? That’s what God’s Word says.

We’ll explore that verse during our study.

In Genesis God told Adam and Eve that if they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden they would “surely die.” Yet, Adam named all the animals and worked the fields for many years. Eve bore children and the couple lived, so Genesis goes, for many years. But God said they died. How could that be?

But God’s word said they died. So, what died?  And what will you believe?

I hope this series will encourage you to challenge your belief system. My prayer is that you will learn your true identity in Christ and what that truly means, and learn more about the God who created you and me, and grow closer to Him.  Maybe, and this would be absolutely fantastic, you might have an epiphany like I did that will change your whole life and what you believe about God, and yourself. WOW!  I hope you decide what you believe and enjoy reading.

NOTE: During this series I will be referring to several versions of God’s Word. The versions I use I will reference, e.g. King James Version (KJV), New International Version (NIV).

Here’s an outline for the series. (Note: This is my outline, but it’s God’s series. He may have some ideas of His own. He might want to add, change or delete something. If He tells me to change something when I hear from Him I will obey. But here’s what we have planned.)

  1. Who Do You Believe?
  2. Human Nature — The Body
  3. Human Nature — The Soul
  4. Human Nature — The Spirit
  5. Dead Old Man
  6. Brand New Man
  7. Walking In The Flesh
  8. Walking In The Spirit
  9. One Nature, Not Two
  10. Living Like A New Man
  11. Reading God’s Word

Watch for the first message to be published later today.

4 thoughts on “What Do You Believe?

  1. Awesome series! Can’t wait to read it. I am starting a series in a week and a half on igniting the fire in our spirits. I might reference to some of your posts during the series if that is okay with you?
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Thanks for being my accountability partner, lol:) God bless!


  2. This promises to be an exciting series because it’s going to allow Christians to know who they are in Christ, what they can expect from God and what their authority is in His name. I look forward to reading your messages and I hope many others will read and be encouraged.


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