My Open Heart Surgery One Year Later

Many of my friends know that years before I had my open heart surgery (January 26, 2011) I had a heart transplant. I’ll get to that in a minute. Last week, one year ago, surgeons opened up my chest and replaced my aortic valve and my aorta. My surgery was the result of progressing aortic stenosis.

For those of you who might be interested: The aorta is the main artery carrying blood out of the heart. When blood leaves the heart, it flows through the aortic valve, into the aorta. In aortic stenosis, the aortic valve does not open fully. This decreases blood flow from the heart. (My blood flow was about 20% of what doctors consider normal).

It was major surgery and changed my life completely. I still take medications (nine pills a day). I developed a condition they call a-fibrilation (an irregular, rapid heart beat) for which I’m still being treated. I’m scheduled to have another surgery (outpatient) this month called an ablation (I’ll skip all the details).

I feel better than I have in years, despite all the physical (even some emotional) changes and new habits I’ve developed since my surgery. Doctors tell me I should live a lot longer than I would have had I not had the surgery.

But none of my life associated with open heart surgery changed me (make that “transformed me”) like my heart transplant. During church when I was ten in my hometown of Shenandoah, Iowa, I understood what it meant to invite Jesus into my heart and exchange my life for His. I accepted Him as Lord and Savior of my life. Like my open heart, it was major surgery. It changed my life forever.

I was living out Ezekiel 36:26-27:
God told the prophet, “I will give you a  new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will be careful to observe My ordinances.”

Did you catch all those “I will’s”?

Doctors called my open heart surgery a major operation. It was serious, they said, and would be a life-changer. The doctors were certainly right.

So was the Bible. God told Ezekiel that He would give Him a new heart and a new Spirit and cause him to walk in His statutes.  And He did.  Just like The Great Physician did for me at the Cross.  My heart is new. My spirit is new. God transformed my life forever, for eternity, when He exchanged His heart and His Spirit with mine. Talk about a life changer!

Would you like Jesus to change your life? Are you suffering from a lack of joy and peace in your life? Jesus can perform heart surgery on you, just like He did me. Would you like for your life to be better? It can be. Simply follow this link to learn how easy it is for Jesus to transform your life forever. No needles. No anesthesia. No knives. No uncomfortable hospital stay. Just a new life with a new heart and a whole new future. Simply follow this link to make an appointment with the Great Physician.

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13 thoughts on “My Open Heart Surgery One Year Later

  1. Amen! The Lord is not done with you here on this earth as you can see. God bless your life in the physical and spiritual. Transformed in the Lord…… from the inside out. Hallelujah!


  2. Your story is profound! Thanks be to God for your good health and your great spirit. My prayers are with you for the procedure coming up. It is truly awesome how God reaches in and heals what is broken in our lives; both physical and emotional. He guides the healing hands of modern medicine, certainly. But, His love and His mercy heal our very souls. God bless you, my friend. God speed.


  3. Hi Steve,
    Glad to hear you are doing well. Becky’s Aortic valve replacement and triple bypass surgery was almost exactly one year before yours. She has done well but as the years go by, and a some point a second (hopefully minimally invasive) valve is required we will wonder if we made right decision. She is only taking a couple of minor meds anyway. She does have what must be sporadic Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia. The two episodes that lasted hours did just what it is known for them to do. That is one finally stopped in the elevator on way to her cardiologist. Last week it stopped in the ER waiting room when the nurse had her write her name! That was at 1 AM of course! We turned around and drove home. Yours in Christ.

    Bruce Perry


    1. Bruce, sorry for Becky’s complications. Those two episodes sound scary. I will pray that she does not have to have any more surgeries. Aren’t you relieved that God is in control of all this for you and Becky and for me. I have enjoyed that peace of God through all this and maintain the attitude that He is in control. He is for you two as well. Please keep me posted and let’s stay in touch. I will post the results of my ablation after Tuesday. God bless you both and thank you for being faithful followers and readers. I hope at some point God has blessed you through what He gives me to write. It is all about Him.
      In Christ,
      Steve Sawyer


  4. A heart transplant indeed. That is what coming into Christ actually is, isn’t it! Wow, such a great way to talk about this life-transforming “surgery”. Praying for your continue health. We need you here, Steve!


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