Five Minute Friday “Ache”

This is my second week writing unedited and un-reviewed for five minute Fridays.
If I understand it, I write for 5 minutes, with no editing or review.
Then post it back to gypsy mama, then to the one who sent it to me and encourage the rest of you to visit gypsy mama to see what this ls all about, then write for five minutes.
Of course this is a radical departure from my normal blog topics. And it’s a one time deal on Fridays.
So here goes.

Now, I’m 65, so my five minutess of aches is probably different from some of you whipper snappers out there in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. I’m familiar with aches, I’m getting more and more of them the older I get. My first ache starts when I get out of bed in the morning. The back just doesn’t bend like it used to when I popped out of bed ready to his the ground running to whatever tasks or activities awaited me. My a.m. energy made Marie mad. She was the tortoise in the morning. She got cranked up about 10 a.m. What a wuss.

I can tolerate the aches and I’m really blessed because I don’t have a whole lot of health issues besides my aches. I’m recovered from open heart surgery last year and have more energy than when I was 30. So God has blessed me with good health.  I think He allows the occasional aches just to remind me I’m not the spry guy I used to be.

I walk three or four days a week, work in the yard when the weather’s nice. The rest of the time I’m sitting right here at this keyboard listening for God to give me something to ssay or watching Law &Order and NCIS reruns. Ooops. Times up.

Why not give 5 minute Fridays a whirl? Writing for 5 minutes with time and topic constraints will show what you’re made of. :>) It’s challenging and fun and not as easy as it may sound. Just follow this link back to gypsy mama for all the details?

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday “Ache”

  1. Steven, you are SUCH a fun guy! Your body may be 65, but your spirit is very young and spry, even though wise beyond even 65 years! I do these types of exercise in scribbles, rarely published. May I will give it a go this next Friday!


    1. Granbee, it’s fun. I had a hard time getting past the no-editing, no-reviewing stigma, though. Just between you and me, I cheated a few times when I realized I made several egregious spelling errors. Please keep this to yourself. I think, otherwise, you’ll enjoy it.


  2. If I tried to write for 5 minutes unedited, I would break spell check! I applaud your efforts and will tell you that this post is really great! You used everyday life to show God’s Hand at work in your life. Awesome! Keep it up.
    By the way, have you ever had your attention on a book or other media while you were typing, then looked up to realize that your fingers were one key over on the keyboard?


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Susan.
      And, oh yeah!!! I do that often. What makes me mad is looking away from the screen to a book or something, then looking back to see that I’ve typed all the right letters, but the text appears in the middle of a line six lines away. Arrrrrrgh


  3. Cute post Steve! I’m going to leave this 5 minute deal to you however, I have not enough time to write about all the regular things I want to write, plus find inspiring posts for my other blog, plus write for CB. Whew…nough said. 🙂


  4. How refreshing to get a man’s point of view! I love your dry humour and also how you can see your aches and God’s blessings in equal measure. I hope you keep joining us for Five Minute Friday!


    1. So far, I love it. I look forward to Fridays for my 5 minutes. But as a former news reporter and editor I cringe at writing without editing or reviewing. I hope I can endure the aches I feel when I see something I misspelled and can’t go back to change it AGGGGHHHHH! That is a true ache :>)


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