“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go, therefore and make disciples…” Matthew 28:18,19a

The command was simple. “Go.” It was Christ’s last. His ministry on earth was complete. His mission finished.Crucified, dead, buried and risen to eternal life. And the word He wanted to leave with His disciples was simply, “Go.”

Coming to grips with Jesus’ command allows us the opportunity to live a faithful life. If we follow His commands we begin to experience what God intended for us. Grasping the task Jesus gave his disciples would enable them to begin the spread of the Gospel and the multiplication of His church. Just think of the numbers exponentially for a moment. From one (Jesus) to 12 (disciples) to 3000 (at Pentecost) to millions upon millions of faithful followers today. All born-again believers sprang from that one simple command, “Go.”

In three short verses Jesus validated his universal authority over both heaven and earth, gave them a simple command, then put them at ease and comforted them by assuring them he would never leave them and would be with them always.

Wow! Can you grasp the confidence and assurance Jesus was meting out to his disciples? Can you grasp the emotional turmoil they must have felt: excitement, sadness, awe and wonder, encouragement, fear, confidence, doubt, comfort, the whole gamut of emotions?  Don’t you know this hand-picked band of common men had no idea of the impact their faithful lives would have on history and the world?

Can you grasp the impact a faithful life you chose to live would have on your sphere of influence, your family, your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers?

We can take steps to insure we live a faithful life, like most of the disciples chose to live.

First we can operate under His authority, rather than our own. In verse 18 Jesus says He has been given ALL authority in heaven and in earth. All means All. All other authority, whether kings, dictators, emperors, or presidents, is only possible if granted by Jesus. The great conflict we carry with us each day is the conflict between Jesus’ authority and our selfish human wills.  We need to submit to the authority of Jesus.  And we need to understand His purpose if we’re going to live a faithful life and carry out His plan for our lives. Al authority was given to Jesus because He came to save the world. It was His purpose, his reason for becoming the Son of man.

Once we submit to His authority and understand His purpose, our task is the same as the disciples,  “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” v 19.  All nations doesn’t mean we should all book passage on a freighter headed for China tomorrow. It does mean Jesus gave us the command to go to all nations. That means across the globe, across town, or across the street. Wherever and whenever God calls us. You may feel called of God to go on a short-term mission trip. You may feel called of God to work for a statewide or nationwide ministry. You may feel called of God to pack up your things, sell your worldly belongings, and move your family to Nepal. Or you may feel the call of God to volunteer for Meals on Wheels in your home town.

No matter where you go, two things will determine what you do. First, you must realize the significance of His story and its impact on every man, woman and child on the globe. Secondly, you must feel the call of God on your life and be willing to pursue the plan God has laid on your heart.

If you’re going to go in Jesus’ name you need to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. The dictionary defines disciple as a fully devoted follower of Jesus. You can’t make others into disciples if you’re not a completely devoted follower of Jesus yourself. Once you know Jesus and become a fully devoted follower, you’ve got to let the story capture you. It needs to be a passion that lights a fire in your heart. When you “go” people must see the joy in your heart and the love in your actions, and the passion in your eyes.

Jesus has captured you. Jesus says in John 10:28, “I give eternal life to them (his sheep, His children) and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.” And again in John 15:16, Jesus says, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit–fruit that will last.”

Why not allow His story capture you?

If you’re going to make disciples, you need to tell the right story. Teach what Jesus taught, follow His instructions and share the details of His story and how it captured your life and transformed you into a committed follower.

Probably the most important thing to remember, if you choose to follow Jesus command and “Go” is that you’re never alone. That’s just not a handy thing to say, it’s a promise from God and the last thing Jesus told His disciples. Jesus said in V20, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Knowing that you’re not going alone will enable you to live expectantly and enthusiastically and remain energized for the task at hand.
You have your assignment. You are fully equipped. You have all the instructions and the details. You have Jesus with you every step of the way.
Now, will you go?

A message by Gearl Spicer, Senior Pastor at One Heart Baptist Church in Duluth, Georgia inspired this blog.

16 thoughts on “Go.

  1. “… if you choose to follow Jesus command and “Go” is that you’re never alone” and He has gone beofre to prepare the way.
    Thanks for stopping by My Hmmm Collection and deciding to tag along.
    Keep the Faith!


    1. I look forward to reading more. Thanks, and you are exactly right. Jesus goes before us, so we never go, in God’s will, where He has not been before us. Great thought. Thank you.


  2. There are different spiritual gifts, and many different jobs to do in the church, but I believe we are all called to do the work of an evangelist. Any Christian believer should be able to explain to another person why they believe in Christ.


    1. Amen and Amen. The Bible even tells us to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is in you. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Steve,
    How true that we often overlook the simple word “Go.” I have often thought about that verse, how we’re just to simply “Go.” Thank you for sharing this!


  4. Steven, bless you, dear brother in the Lord! Wonderfully helpful and practical set of guidelines for us to “GO” into the world and tell all! I just had a most blessed experience “going” up a neighbor’s driveway today and sharing some Gospel truths! I had listened to the whisper of the Holy Spirit to leave my gasburner in the driveway as much as possible and commute on foot around town. This is bearing witness to proper stewardship of my own worldly resources and stewardship of God’s earth. In addition, because I am going slower and looking and listening, so many opportunities for “going” fall my way! Praise be!


    1. That is WONDERFUL! Sounds as if God is providing many opportunities for you to “go” in His name. What a testimony to your obedience to follow the great commission. WALKING! Wow! I pray that God will continue to open doors withing walking distance for you to share the Truth of the Gospel.
      Thank you for sharing this awesome testimony!


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