Have Men Lost Bravery?

As I visit other blogs I discover that not many men blog. I guess some could say, “I don’t have time to blog. I’ve got to work to support my family.” Maybe that’s true. For some. But many women have taken over leadership roles that were traditionally held by men. Now ladies, before you get upset, hear me out. I applaud your courage and your bravery to step in and take leadership roles. I am grateful for the many women in business and our churches whose leadership has filled gaps left by so many men. Men have abdicated their roles as men and forsaken their bravery and commitments. Guys, God equipped us to be the spiritual leaders in our homes, and leaders in our churches. It seems today, however, many more women walk in faith as leaders in our churches, not because they are better leaders than men. Many men, however, in my view, have forsaken their bravery, their courage, and their mandate from God to assume leadership roles. Many wives I see every week have to drag their husbands to church and hound them to volunteer or participate in men’s or church activities. We have abdicated our bravery and left much of the work to woman. The women I know in leadership roles are more than capable. God has equipped them to lead.  God has also equipped us guys to lead, but for the most part we’re not. God has charged us and equipped us to be the backbone of the church. It seems, in many cases, that our backbones have turned to jelly. Shame on us. Time’s up.

9 thoughts on “Have Men Lost Bravery?

  1. Hooray for prodding the men in our church families, Brother Steven! And we ladies need to keep our mouths shut and NOT be critical or “fussy”, as well!


  2. Have to agree with this, many men do not seem to want to do anything! They walk away, or make excuses as to why they do not have “time” to do anything. If I used that excuse I would not be doing what I do in church, and I surely would not be blogging!! Blogging is work!
    While I do appreciate women in ministry, and have no problem with women being in some of the leadership roles…men need to step up to the plate and lead, be ministers and pastors…that is what men are called to! If a man does not want to lead, fine…but then participate in a ministry or two, and lead at home…It is your God given job guys!!! While you are at it…support those who do lead, they would appreciate hearing from you!
    I’m FAR from perfect. I am though involved in many things in my church, am in a ministry outside of church, and I anyway look at blogging as another area of ministry.
    OK…done ranting now.
    Great post Steve, and very timely. Thank you.



    1. Wow! Thank you for your insight and thoughts. We are definitely on the same page. I don’t think I would be comfortable with a woman pastor. Bible teacher? Sure. Ministry leader. Yes. But, I think the reason women become pastors and ministers is similar to our belief: men have not met their responsibilities, and women have to step in, when men don’t. Thank you so much for your comments. I’m on board.


  3. As a woman who has had to take leadership in many different areas of the church because there was not enough men willing to do so, I wholeheartedly agree. Abdicating is a good word to use to describe what has happened. I pray for restoration and for men to return to leadership!


    1. Thank you for your response and comments. As a man who has watched this abdication in many men, I agree with you to pray for a restoration of responsibilities among men of the church. I am grateful for the Godly women who serve, but men need to step up and assume the role God gave them.


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