Turn It Down!

Our culture loves loud noise. Everything is too loud.

True story–I went to a large computer store to buy a computer. The music, punk rock, was blaring through the overhead speakers so loud I had to shout (literally) to speak to a salesperson. I was out the door. Sometimes I watch souped up cars drive by and their sound system shakes windows in nearby stores. It’s like everybody wishes they lived next to the airport. They play this awful music over overhead loudspeakers in the malls here now. And each store has its own too-loud overhead music.

Some enclosed sports venue sound systems pump out sounds at 137+ decibels. That exceeds the pain threshold. Sitting in that venue is like standing 100 feet from a jet airliner.

My son took me to an NFL game downtown in a domed stadium last year. The sound screaming from that surround sound gave me a headache. At one point my son turned to me and said, “I wish I had a sound system like that at home.” Obviously he’s of a different generation. I had to shout over the speakers just to talk with him.

TV advertisers are guilty of raising the noise level of their commercials to an irritating level. Praise God for mute buttons.

I learned my lesson about loud noise at a Doobie Brothers concert in 1995. It was my last live concert. I’m satisfied listening to CD’s now.

I understand it’s hard to muffle jack hammers and heavy construction equipment and jet airplanes and ambulances and fire engines. But why, O God, why must everything now be so loud? I know why fire engines and ambulances are so loud. They have to be loud because the cars in traffic can’t hear them. Cars in traffic have their windows rolled up. Drivers become distracted by cell phone conversations or music blaring from their radios, CD’s, or ear buds. They’re not paying attention to traffic.

Where’s elevator music when you really need it?   Time’s up.

13 thoughts on “Turn It Down!

  1. Steven, you always have me chuckling and sympathizing all at the same time with your weekly “five minute” posts! They do so much to remind us of our common humanity! Hooray for Bro’ Steve!


    1. As always, thank you granbee for your love and support and kind comments. You may be interested to know that my 5 minute Fridays posts are the most visited posts I write. Can’t figure that out. I sometimes spend 4-5 hours on one post. Then when I jot down some thoughts for five minutes, that post gets more readers. Go figure. God bless you!


  2. Man, am I on the same path with you, Steven! Maybe I’m just getting old, but it sure is easier to see the wonderful and awesome provision of our Lord without so much noise. I suppose I should be thankful though… I do still have my hearing, although not what it once was. Thanks friend and God bless.


    1. Mike, I’m getting up there, too (65) but my hearing is still pretty good, praise God. I’m sure it would be even better if everyone wasn’t so dadgum loud. I might be willing to listen to selective rap music if it wasn’t so loud. No, on second thought skip the rap music. Did you ever stop to think that in 30 years rap music will be the classics? And we’ll have tons of old folks walking around with tattoos? Maybe we’ll be gone by then. Thanks, as always for your comments and encouragement. God bless you.


  3. Turn it down is right, Steven! Another thing we need to turn down in the country is the loose talk of war. Sometimes we forget that people die in wars.

    Thanks for sharing. God bless you.


  4. Good post Steve, on the one hand I like concerts, but on the other the cars that vibrate going down the road and other things like you mentioned…no thanks. Those things I find irritating!


  5. AMEN!!!!! As someone with nerve and hearing issues, the noise really gets to me, too. Quiet is good. It seems like everybody on TV either yells or whispers, and the stores – you hit the nail on the head! When I have to go shopping I can’t wait to get back into my car and listen to J.S. Bach with the volume low.


    1. Great choice for quiet. I had to stop watching Dancing With The Stars, one of my wife’s favorites, because the audience claps and screams the whole time and the host and hostess have to shout over it. Obnoxious. Thanks for the comment, Susan. Three whispers for quiet!


  6. In fact, I think the “loudness” of life tends to drown out God’s still small voice. In fact, I think your post gave me inspiration for a post of my own….Thanks Steven!


    1. Wonderful. I am so blessed by your comments and grateful that God was able to speak to you through something he put on my heart. Have a blessed day!


    2. I really enjoy reading your talking points. I’ve added you to my blog roll. I hope you get some clickthroughs from it. God bless.


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