Christians “Flabbergast” Atheist

This story by Rich Flowers appeared in the Athens, Texas Athens Daily Review on March 20. Despite being a 63-year-old avowed atheist cab driver, the folks in this Henderson County, Texas showed their community, and this atheist, the love of Christ. We all need to serve and love “all” others like these folks did.

Atheist ‘flabbergasted’ at Christians’ assistance

Rich Flowers
The Athens Review

Athens — Sometimes life can take a turn that makes you see things in a different light.

A few weeks ago, Patrick Greene of San Antonio, was known in Henderson County simply as a professed atheist who threatened to sue Henderson County about the courthouse manger scene. Greene’s experience with Christians was of narrow-minded individuals who had treated him unkindly throughout his life.

“My wife and I had never had a Christian do anything nice for us,” Greene said. “Just the opposite.”

That changed when the 63-year-old learned he had a detached retina. Greene was forced to give up driving his Yellow Cab, and resign himself to his impending blindness.

Eye surgery would cost $20,000 he said, and he didn’t even have the money to pay bills or buy groceries.

Jessica Crye, a member of Sand Springs Baptist Church in Athens, learned of his troubles on the Internet, and felt compelled to help.

Crye’s pastor, the Rev. Eric Graham, contacted Greene to find out more about his needs.

“I said first of all, I don’t want $20,000,” Greene said. “That would be ridiculous, because there’s a chance the surgery would fail. On top of that, there’s a chance it could become detached again.”

Greene told Graham he had a more immediate need.

“I said, if you really want to contribute something to help, we need groceries,” Greene said.

Greene said he was “flabbergasted” to learn that a group of Christians in Henderson County was reaching out to help an atheist, who in February had informed Commissioners Court that he would sue if the manger scene reappeared this year.

“I told my wife about it,” Greene said.

“They’re going to help us?”  Karen asked.

Greene thought that if anything, he’d see $50, maybe $100.

A few days later, the Christians made good on their promise, and sent a check for $400.

“I said I can’t believe it,” Greene said. “I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.”

The money went to help pay the rent, and provide necessities from the grocery store.

The contributions didn’t stop at $400 either, Cry said. More money is coming in.

Greene is so amazed by the generosity of the Christians in Henderson County, he’s  sharing the story through the media, and is thinking about writing a book.

“I’m going to call it the real ‘Christians of Henderson County,  Texas,’” Greene said.  “These people are acting like what the Bible says a Christian does.”

Greene plans on publishing the work as an e-book.

“I’m dedicating the book to my wife, the young lady who started the idea, and Reverend Graham.”

Crye said just about everyone she’s heard from has been supportive of reaching out to Greene. A couple have expressed resentment about helping someone who has been such a vocal atheist.

“I like to look on the positive side,” Crye said. “It’s wonderful what God has done.”

Now, rather than keep trying to keep the manger scene removed, Green said he’d like to add his contribution.

“I have decided to show my appreciation to the Christian community for all their help, and I am going to buy a star for the top of the Nativity scene.  You people can figure out how to plug it in,” Greene said.

12 thoughts on “Christians “Flabbergast” Atheist

  1. I am reminded that God is creator of all of us. We never know what drives others motives or values. I know one thing for sure if we are showing Love, God will do the rest. I know an atheist couple and I don’t treat them no different. To be honest I have more issues with Christians judging each other. God is judge!

    Peace be with you, for God is peace Steven. Amen



    1. Can I testify to that! Judging others is so un-Christian, yet, as you say, I have problems with folks in my own church being judgmental. It is such a distraction. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I have been privilege to read snippets of this flabbergasted atheist cab driver in Texas at another site, but I totally appreciate you publishing the story in a fuller version here. This sort of thing happened more than once with “agnostics” who had their homes destroyed in the April 27, 2011 tornadoes in Alabama and had new ones built the church people working with Habit for Humanity here. God really is walking around amonst us, you know!


  3. Loved this story, thanks for sharing Steve! Truly these people showed their love for Jesus in the way they responded to this avowed atheist. Awesome!!!!

    God bless you



  4. AMEN!!! After reading this, I had to wait a few minutes to comment, because my eyes flooded with tears of JOY. This is what God’s Hand at Work looks like. Wow. We should all learn from this and carry it with us. Thank you Steven.


  5. It’s amazing how the love of Christ can break through the darkest of hearts! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!


  6. It’s amazing how the love of Christ can break through the darkest of hearts! Thanks for sharing this awesome story!


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