Free Gift? Free Gift?

If I acquired all the gifts I could get for free I’d have to by a king-sized storage shed or a new house. If you listen to TV or read the newspaper you can get a cargo ship of free gifts. Sometime you might have to buy three tires, but that fourth one is absolutely free. Sometimes the free “gift” they give away comes with a one year warranty and lifetime guarantee. With some things they advertise they’ll give you a gift free for 90 days. Sometimes they’ll give you something “absolutely” free if you buy three cases of potted meat products. Sometimes if you order their gift and call within the next ten seconds they’ll give you a second gift absolutely free. All you have to do is pay $27 dollars shipping and handling. Buy a new car and they’ll throw in a free 16-month pet calendar as a gift. I love the ones that advertise, “And we’ll send you this beautiful multipurpose, multicolor made-in-Taiwan, 35-pocket carry-all as our gift to you just for trying our slice-o-matic free for 90 days.”  Our desperate, materialistic culture has allowed an industry of slick, Billy Mays hawkers to mushroom into a bazillion-dollar industry. Because millions of gullible consumers.love to receive free gifts.

There is only one absolutely free gift in the entire universe. It’s the free gift of eternal life offered by God to all who will believe in His One And Only Son, Jesus Christ. And God’s free gift comes with an eternal guarantee.        Time’s up.

11 thoughts on “Free Gift? Free Gift?

  1. Brother Steven, you timed this one EXACTLY right–no better place to end that this rousing reminder of the ONLY free gift: eternal life to all who believe! And what a whopping service warranty!


  2. This made me laugh, but it’s true I know. My head doesn’t turn at the free gift anymore. In the world, there is rarely anything given away without expectation of something in return. So thankful for a Saviour who give freely, without expectation. Nice to meet you through FMF.


    1. Shelly, I’m glad you laughed. I appreciate your thoughts. I read Redemption’s Beauty About Me page. You have led a very interesting life, and you are a good writer. I look forward to more wisdom from God in your future posts. Thanks for your comments.


    2. Shelly, thanks for dropping by. I’m grateful that God’s words to me made you laugh. I visited Redemption’s Beauty and was fascinated by your life and ministry with your husband and family. You are a gifted writer as well and I look forward to reading more of your stuff in the future. May God richly bless you today.


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