Getting It All Together

I think my hippie generation coined the phrase “getting it all together”.  Reason being, for lots of those long-haired, drug-loving friends of mine their lives were falling apart. Oh, I had shoulder-length hair and a scraggly beard. My world fell apart

like theirs did. My friends would say, Man, you gotta get it all together, Dude.” We used lots of double salutations back in the day. But how do you “get it all together”? Did they mean  all my worldly possessions I carried around in the back seat of my car? Those were already all together. Were they talking about achieving some sort of mental state when I wouldn’t have any problems? Or had problems and just didn’t acknowledge them? Or wouldn’t care about them when I had them? I never could figure out after I got it all together where I’d put it. So I guess I never got it all together, because I didn’t know what it meant.

Then one day I figured out what getting it all together meant. Jesus is getting it all together for me. He’s working in my life, my attitude, my emotions, my finances, my relationships, and He is getting me all together, day by day so He can use me to serve Him and so God can see me through the shed blood of Jesus as righteous and holy because of what Jesus did for me on the cross. I guess that’s why I never heard anyone say, “I got it all together.” We wee always “getting” it all together. So is Jesus. It’s called sanctification. Ooops. Time’s up.

4 thoughts on “Getting It All Together

  1. Sanctification by Grace is the ONLY way to be whole, to be “all together”. Jesus alone does that for us–we just have to accept this amazing free gift of loving grace, sanctifying grace.


  2. I agree with you Steven. Jesus is working in the back ground, getting things all together for us. He helps us maintain a balance and prevents us from hitting that crucial breaking point.

    Thanks a lot for sharing. God bless


  3. Amen! He gets it all together for us, because we are unable to do it on our own…He even told us we couldn’t do it without Him.
    As for the long hair – I love your hair style now – bald is beautiful (see Sean Connery!). I never did understand men with pony tails.
    If you are interested, see my post today – a tribute to my Dad.
    God bless you Steven!


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