In The Community

I’ve been on several wonderful, rewarding, blessed mission trips to Ukraine and Argentina. I wouldn’t trade a minute of my experience with our mission team or with the wonderful people and children I met and worked with in these countries.

Lots of folks take the great commission to mean they need to venture to the far corners of the world to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And they do. I am blessed when I think of the sacrifice it takes and the heart for God these folks exhibit to spread the gospel across the globe. Jesus taught us to make disciples of all nations.

This year God has called me to work in my own community.My community is a nation. My community offers me lots of opportunities to share Jesus and be a disciple to others across the street, across the neighborhood, or across town.  I am led to work right here in my own back yard, so to speak.

We see so many needy people, so many widows and prisoners and sick people who live so close to home. Often times, I think people think of missions as foreign service and forget to think about their own communities. Missions is not foreign service. It’s just service, in the name of Jesus as His authentic follower. That can be accomplished right here in my own community as well as across the globe.   Times up.

10 thoughts on “In The Community

  1. Amen, brother! The mission field is every where God leads us to serve. Here, there, and everywhere! We proclaim the gospel in our homes, our community, and to the farthest corners of the earth. The needs are great next door and they are great across the oceans. The urgent call is see the needs and respond. I’m currently working through a Blackaby series (personal study) and am being reminded daily of how subtle the invitation from God is to join Him. If we see a need, we were just invited! God bless, good friend.


    1. Thanks, Mike. I love Blackaby. I’ve only done “Experiencing God”, but I still review that now and again. Enjoy your study. I always appreciate your encouraging comments. The more we read each other’s stuff the more I’m convinced we’re on the same page. God bless you, Mike. Wish we could meet and just talk for about three days! :>)


  2. As I read this post, three different households within 1/2 mile from my home came to mind. Mostly, various members of those household just need full acceptance and a listening ear and an encouraging word from me throughout the week. And when they see me living joyfully, in spiritual abundance (as I pray to do with them and depend upon God to show me how!), they are encouraged and braced and begin to see possibilities for postive living in their own lives. Yes, we need to stop stepping way over the doorpost when we leave home with the Gospel message!


  3. Amen! Because travel is not an option for me, my mission field is right here in my own community. Also, God has given me two blogs, through which I have reached people all over the world. If we just listen to God, He will tell us what He wants us to do to share His Word with all creation. Thank you for the great thoughts, Steven. You are a blessing.


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