I’m Taking A Sabbatical From My Blog

...all for God’s glory will be taking a sabbatical for the next three months beginning today. I begin a writing project for a client today that will consume most of my time for the better part of a month. I have a very busy summer. I will be studying some wonderful books by Andrew Murray and John Hession, I’m also involved in participating in an awesome Bible study. and teaching Vacation Bible School.

The primary reason I’m taking a break from blogging is to allow God to refresh me and draw me closer to Himself. I plan to read and study my Bible more than I do now.  I am asking God to teach me how to listen to His voice and discern His will. I want to live in the center of His will every hour of every day. I hope when I return in July God will give me more of His thoughts and wisdom to share here.

I will also take a sabbatical from visiting Godly websites and the many blogs I enjoy reading so much.  I want my break to be cold turkey for at least 60 days. What I will miss the most will be your wonderful, encouraging, loving comments. I read and make an effort to respond to each comment. What a blessing you all are to me!

If I could leave everyone with one thought to tide us all over until we meet here again, it would be this: No matter who you are, where you’ve been or what you’ve done I pray you know in your heart that God loves you dearly as His cherished child, with His unconditional, eternal love.

16 thoughts on “I’m Taking A Sabbatical From My Blog

  1. Praying for many showers of blessings on all your May and June activities and your visits with family this summer. I just now we are all going to benefit when you come back to share from your Bible study, as well! Hugs, dear brother-in-the-Lord!


  2. Your writing will be missed, Steven, Thank your for sharing much wisdom and many kind words, insights and prayers. God bless you with an overflow summer of blessings and rest in Him!


  3. Have a refreshing summer. Reading about you being a church camp counselor brings back many memories–although we were a bit older! Karen


    1. Thank you. I love church camp counseling. This year I’ll be with the little kiddos (1st – 5th graders) and not the high schoolers. I can’t wait! Have a blessed summer.


  4. Have a refreshing summer. Reading about you being a counselor at church summer camp brings back many memories–although we were a bit older. Karen


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