5 Minute Fridays — Focus

Five Minute Friday

Focus — Lousy. Like this morning, rushing to get to a volunteer opportunity for church and I couldn’t find the 5 minute Fridays logo. I know I put it somewhere where I could find it easily. But focus doesn’t come easy as often any more as it used to.

I seem to have laser sharp focus when I’m writing my blogs, at times, then a wave of sometimers flows over me and focus goes out the door.

The most frustrating time I lack focus is when I’m praying. My mind wanders and I keep having to return to my meditative state over and over.  I know that’s Satan.  But God is so good. When I need to return to my conversation with Him He gently brings me back into His presence.  Focusing on remaining in His presence throughout the day is my highest goal, my chief aim. I’d rather be thinking about Him and talking with Him all day no matter what else I’m doing.  And I have done that on occasion. And those times when He is my focus and remaining in His presence is my goal are some of the most beautiful times in life for me. I wish I could remain in His presence and focus on Him every minute of every day.  Oooops. Times up.

Five Minute Fridays give us a chance to write like crazy on a topic Lisa Jo picks each week. No editing, no back spacing to correct your spelling please. We’re not competing with Hemingway here, we’re having fun writing without stopping for five minutes every Friday. Why not try it out? Lisa will send you the topic each Friday morning. Write your heart out in a post for five minutes on the topic Lisa Jo gives you. Then go to Lisa Jo’s website, sign in and enter your hastily written prose. Will you win a Pulitzer? No. An award? Hardly. But you will have fun writing and meeting some cool other writers having fun just like you. Sometimes the topics are serious. Sometimes the topics are sad. They’re always fun to write about, and challenging. Five minutes is all you have. What can you say about something in five minutes, when you’re called to do it on the spot? Why not find out.

2 thoughts on “5 Minute Fridays — Focus

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you’ll come back to read more of the words God gives me to share.
      Thank you for your kind comment.


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