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Can You Grasp God’s Love?

Can you grasp the love of God? I can’t more often than I can. I mess up over and over. His love for me never changes. How can that be? I often wonder what kind of God does it take to love me despite all my scars and sins. Then, I watch a video on YouTube that brings me to tears, like Thou Oh Lord by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, and I melt into awe and wonder. Then I feel God’s love for me. I feel Him touch my heart. I hear Him tell me He loves me. I see His hand on my life. I watch Him bless me. And I am humbled and blessed. Every single time I get in a tough spot (we have lots of those right now) He handles things for us and I am in awe of His ability to turn my bungles into blessings. He turns my sorrow into sunshine. He makes things okay again. As I ponder the things that happen, and I remember His promises, the verses in His word about what He has promised, I begin to get a grasp of how deep and how wide and how awesome His love for me is. It isn’t a firm grasp, because I don’t trust enough. It’s a slight grasp. It’s a beginning. It’s an inkling of what His love for me is. Can I grasp it totally and consistently? No. I can only grasp it on rare occasions. When I’m obedient. When I’m listening to His voice and not my own or the clamor of other voices around me. When I desire what He wants for me rather than what I want for myself. Those times are rare, but they are precious to me. I remember them. I savor them. I delight in them. I am in His grasp, whether I grasp His love for me or not. A good friend ends all his emails with these words, “In His grip.” I’d love to sign all my emails, “In His grasp”. Maybe one day I’ll be able to grasp what that really means.

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