Oh, to be as dedicated and in love with my Lord as my precious friend and sister in Christ. God bless you and thank you for such beautiful pleas to the Father. May all of us who call on God as our Father and Husband be so committed and consecrated. God richly bless you..


Psalm 7:7-9 Let the assembled peoples gather around you,  while you sit enthroned over them on high.     Let the Lord judge the peoples. Vindicate me, Lord, according to my righteousness,  according to my integrity, O Most High. Bring to an end the violence of the wicked  and make the righteous secure— you, the righteous God  who probes minds and hearts.

Response :  O Lord, as I behold You on Your throne with high authority, I  shall not let the terror of this day dispirit me when I meditate upon it; for  those who have slighted the Judge, and continue as enemies to him and the way of holiness, droop and hang down their heads when they think of his coming; but I shall lift up my hands with joy, for the last day will be God’s best day. The Judge is my  Head and Husband, my Redeemer, and my Advocate. I must appear before the judgment seat; but I shall not come into condemnation. His coming will not be…

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