Welcome Relief

It’s that freeing felling we get at the moment we realize God has just done something miraculous that we didn’t think or expect He could do.

It’s that feeling we get when our football team pulls out a last–second win over our biggest rival. It’s that feeling we get when the doctor walks through the doors and says, “Your son’s going to be okay. It’s that overwhelming calm that overtakes us when we realize God is in control and we’re not. It’s that sensation we feel when our teenager pulls in the driveway at 3 a.m. when you expected him home at midnight. That particular feeling sweeps over you right before you snatch him up and drag him to the woodshed. It’s a sensation. Like a cool breeze in summer. Like a swig of a big glass of sweet tea. At least for a time we’re filled with gratitude. We may praise God. We may cry. We may take a deep breath. We may sigh quietly to ourselves. It’s such a wonderful sweeping peace. It is God enveloping us in His Spirit and everlasting arms for a moment that comforts us, and He says to us, “Take it easy. I’m in control. I’ve got this.” And we feel the tension in our bodies melt away.

Ooops. Time’s up.

Five Minute Fridays gives me a chance to write like crazy on a topic Lisa Jo picks each week. No editing, no back spacing to correct your spelling please. I’m not competing with Hemingway here, I’m having fun writing without stopping for five minutes every Friday. Why not try it out? Lisa will send you the topic each Friday morning. Write your heart out in a post for five minutes on the topic Lisa Jo gives you. Then go to Lisa Jo’s website, sign in and enter your hastily written prose. Will you win a Pulitzer? No. An award? Hardly. But you will have fun writing and meeting some other writers having fun just like you. Sometimes the topics are serious. Sometimes the topics are sad. They’re always fun to write about, and challenging. Five minutes is all you have. What can you say about something in five minutes, when you’re called to do it on the spot? Why not find out.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Relief

  1. You have captured the welcome of relief perfectly! I’ve had that teenager in the driveway at 3am too. 🙂 Great writing. I enjoyed it!


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