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New Author Joins “. . .all for God’s Glory”

I am thrilled today to announce the addition of a bright and shining author and servant of God to our “. . .all for God’s Glory” author family. Lisa Kratz Thomas has agreed to allow some of her blogs and other writing to be posted here. I am also going to add her book, This Is Your Life, Not A Dress Rehearsal  to my list of resource materials. I will rely on her life and her writing to inspire some of my blogs.

Lisa’s life almost ended before it began. On the way home from Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School in Kindergarten she crossed a bridge over a creek. As she looked into the bubbling water below she asked herself, “If I fell in would anybody miss me? Maybe the world would be better off.” ¹ That little girl grew into an attractive teenager and young woman starved for attention and love. She craved recognition and approval. Her starvation took her down a primrose path leading to decades of alcohol and drug addition, domestic violence, prostitution, and finally imprisonment. Everyone she met took advantage of her. Her first love, cocaine, controlled her life.

But, Lisa overcame that destructive life and now spends her days helping other people become the best they can be. After her release from prison she launched a successful inmate transition program that helped women released from prison rebuild their lives in positive ways. The program she founded boasted a Zero recidivism rate.

Here’s what Joe Theismann, former National Football League quarterback, and now an ESPN football analyst, said about Lisa. “I was captivated by Lisa’s story and her ability to overcome addiction. She is a natural communicator and inspiring picture of transformation.”

Find out more about her book on Lisa’s website she has appropriately named, “From the Crack House to the State House; Using the adversity in my life to bring out the best in yours.”

Whether you have drug or alcohol problems, or whether you know someone whose life is impacted by drug and alcohol addiction, Lisa’s book will inspire you and you’ll realize something. You can enjoy the life after drugs and alcohol that God intended you to live. Lisa’s life is proof.

Lisa has also graciously agreed to be a resource for a series on Women’s Health I am developing for later in the year. We will probably include some of her writing in that series.

I am so fortunate to have Lisa as a guest author on “. . .all for God’s glory.” I know that you will be blessed, not only by her writing, but by her insight and love for others, as she pours her life into those who need to turn their lives around.


¹This Is Your Life, Not A Dress Rehearsal, ©2010; Gratefulgirl Publishing; Fredericksburg, VA., pg. xv

2 thoughts on “New Author Joins “. . .all for God’s Glory”

  1. That’s wonderful, Steve! I saw Lisa’s website and am connected to her on fb and twitter. She has a powerful testimony and ministry. I look forward to her posts.
    I love your new layout, by the way. Your site looks great! How did you add that Christian Blessings feed on the right? I wanted to add it to my blog and website. Do I have to email Evelyn for it?


    1. Thanks, Amanda. Sorry I’m just responding to this comment.
      Hope you have a blessed day. If you can get a copy of Lisa’s book you will be blessed.

      Liked by 1 person

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