What Pink Elephant?

By Lisa Kratz Thomas

Addiction is one of those things people just don’t like to talk about.  Like the pink elephant in the middle of the room – we all see it, we dance around it, and we talk over it and live in denial.  What we need to remember is we are all only as sick as our secrets.  Whatever we choose to cover-up, hide or pretend doesn’t exist will fester.  If we don’t expose our secrets to the light of the truth, the root of that issue will start to seek out sustainability on its own; it permeates deeper into our souls.  Those roots then constrict growth, hope and encouragement only to keep you in bondage to your secret.

Most people are aware that addiction has reached epidemic proportions in our society and on college campuses today. As a professional addiction speaker I have come up against the “pink elephant” mentality regularly when dealing with college administrators.  One local college has been in the news frequently because of its growing drug problems on campus.  Feeling this would be the perfect time to approach this school and offer my services, I was shocked by the lack of acceptance and the amount of denial that exists within the administration about the silent killer that is assassinating dreams and devouring the future of our young collegians.  Although I was hired to speak to the students, the administration’s request was to talk about “choices” and “behavior” as opposed to substance abuse and its effects.

Anyone who is in successful recovery knows that the first step to freedom is to “admit” you have a problem.  Being in recovery now for 20 years, acceptance is knitted into the fabric of my being and denial is much more than a river in Egypt.  Denial supplies the bullets to load the gun that destroys lives. I cannot pretend addiction is selective or prejudice in any way, it discriminates against no one!   So I changed my approach; I now am a speaker who can equip you to unleash your hidden potential and rise above the adversity in your life.  The message is the same, the package is different.

I said all that to say this: Do not fear addressing the secrets that you or loved ones are keeping; FEAR is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real.  The sooner you conquer and defeat the secret that keeps you in bondage to sick behavior, the sooner you can break free by getting the help you truly need.  You shall know the truth and the truth shall MAKE you free!!!  Take authority over that looming Pink Elephant, when you do you will find it was nothing more than a mirage!

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