Planned Parenthood About Race

This post might be a touchy subject for some. It may strike a nerve in some readers. If it does, then maybe it ought to. It waa the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the word “Race”‘ today as our topic for 5 minute Fridays.Most times my posts are uplifting and oftren funny. But there’s nothing funny about PP or its mission. I’ve been reading lately from some very good authorities on both sides of the subject that the founder of PP was a racist and an atheist and she started the first PP with the underlying notion of eliminating the African American race and slow the birthrate of new babies among Black women. The authority I read reminded me that most of PP’s “clinics” are in poor parts of town. PP claims to be about women’s health and offers their murder for hire to all women. But their primary target is the Black race. I must admit I wasn’t surprised to learn those things. I have been an avid pro life supporter all my life, as I believe any authentic follower of Christ must be as well.

I’m not getting on my stump here. Besides, it’s in the shop for some work. My purpose is not to incite or inflame passions on eitheir side of the issue. People who call themselves “Christians” are on both sides of the fence on abortion, although I don’t see how that’s possib.e. How can you read any part of Psalm 139 and not believe that God created every life and breathed it into a mother’s womb before the foundations of the earth?   Oooops. Time’s up. Not intending to start a debate here. Just expressing what came to my mind when I saw the word “Race” this morning.

8 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood About Race

  1. Steven:

    This is indeed a touchy subject. PP’s major “business” is as an abortion provider. There are many “shady” aspects about the history of the organization up until today. While not the only consideration in the up-coming elections, governmental stance on this topic should be a significant consideration when casting you ballot.


    Shalom, Art


    1. Thanks for your comments, Art. I’ve been a one-issue candidate for years. I don’t care one whit what your political platform is. You could have all the answers to all the social problems from the city to the county to the state to the federal level. If you’re pro-choice you will NEVER get my vote. I will always determine a candidate’s stand on life for the unborn, and vote my single conviction.


      1. I respect your position, Steven. It’s a complex world. Often, we have to work in the gray. Each year more than 1.2 MILLION abortions are performed in the US. The vast majority are for the convenience of the “parents.” More than 46 MILLION abortions are performed worldwide each year. Compare that to the 6 million Jews who were murdered over a a 13 year period of the Holocaust. Most of the world stands silent regarding this mass murder of innocents. I deeply appreciate this raising of your voice.

        The title of the blog I referenced above is: Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Dachau… Do you weep? (I’ve gotta learn how to do pingbacks.)

        Shalom, Art


      2. Art,
        Thank you so much for your comments and insight. And, if you learn how to do pingbacks, please let me know. I don’t know how to do them either.
        I have to praise God that He allowed the horror of the Holocaust and is allowing abortion to continue. But He tells us in Isaiah 55:8, For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. He declared it. I certainly can not understand His ways sometimes. But I have to praise Him for everything. That does not mean, however, that I can not mourn and grieve over the tragedy of murdering helpless children. I do grieve. I grieve over the Holocaust as well. Thank you, Art, for your thoughtful response. And thank you for your blogs. I am always impacted by your writing. May God richly bless you today.
        And Shalom to you, my friend. I appreciate you.


  2. Well said. I agree 100 percent. Never could understand Christians who will not fight for those with no voice–the unborn. Bravo! Blessings.


    1. I used to work with a bunch of women who claimed to be Christians, but were for a woman’s right to choose abortion over life. Several of them were African Americans. I believe Satan blinded them. They didn’t believe, in my opinion, that PP was created to get rid of their race and the children born to them. Really sad. Thank you for your insight and comment.


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