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The Church: Harlot Or Bride?

Is the church in our culture acting more like the Bride of Christ or a twenty-dollar harlot? From everything I’m reading pastors, priests, rabbis and even church goersseem to think we’re acting more like a harlot than the church (Christ’s followers) that Luke describes in Acts 4.

And what do non-church goers think about us? On a video I was watching the other day a non-believer told a Catholic priest that a “Christian” is the worst neighbor you can have. An un-churched friend of mine calls Christians “hypochristians”. He hears them say they’re Christian and then observes them acting every way but Christian on the weekend. I wrote a blog about Butch and what he thought of Christians. I may re-post that as part of this series or at least have a link to that blog at some point.

This will be a periodic series. I won’t post on a regular basis, only as God gives me the words to say. Right now there’s a bunch of thoughts rummaging around in this gray matter they call a brain. As God puts the thoughts together in some form of cohesive message, I’ll post what He writes.

We’ll be referring to at least three places in Scripture for this series: The church at Laodicea in Revelation 3:14-21; the church in Corinth in 1st Corinthians; and the church Luke describes in Acts 4. Along the way we’ll visit some Scripture from the book of Hosea to see what God thought of the church at a period in the Old Testament.

Here’s my premise for this series: The church today is more like a harlot than the Bride of Christ. We, the church are, however, supposed to be the Bride of Christ.

Here are some important questions to ask ourselves. If it’s true that the church is behaving more like a harlot than a bride. then

  1. How do we stop being a harlot and start becoming more like the Bride Christ will marry?
  2. Or, is it too late? Will we continue down a path of mediocrity and unrighteousness?
  3. Will the rapture of the church occur before we can turn it around?

Hold onto your hats cowboys and cowgirls. This should get interesting.

BTW, if you ever read anything in “…all for God’s Glory” you disagree with, please don’t hesitate to make your feelings known. I read and answer all comments, whether they be supportive and encouraging or disarming and disagreeable. I love receiving comments of all kinds.

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5 thoughts on “The Church: Harlot Or Bride?

  1. I completely and totally agree with you and have been impressed by the Lord to write similar posts based on other Scripture. Continue to stand firm on the Word of Truth!


    1. Thank you, Stephanie, I wish you God’s blessings with your blog and pray He will give you the words to say that will impact all those who read for God’s glory.


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