Face lift For My Blog

Some folks have already commented about the new look on my blog. My new look is the handiwork of Lyn Leahz, my good blogging friend. She writes on two blogs, Lyn Leahz and Promise Book. She knows WordPress inside and out. She has been an encouragement to me, a faithful follower and commenter. I’m grateful to her for the hours she spent helping me with my face lift. I asked her if she would help me with a real face lift. I asked her if she could make me look like a twenty-something Hollywood type. She said she wasn’t into miracles. :>)

Things were going great, until I messed something up. We still don’t know what or how.  Lyn had to go back in and fix some things. In the process, we had to take “For His Glory” out of service and post some unusual, out of the ordinary posts. In the next few days I’m going to be re-posting some of my most recent posts folks have read and commented on. So, for a while, posts are going to appear published on the days they appear.

Lyn has written a last-times trilogy called the Martyrdom Trilogy (Soul Deceiver, Soul Collector, and Soul Savior; Coming Soon!) I have the privilege of editing Soul Deceiver for Lyn.  She has a contract with Thomas Nelson, Westbow Press..a Division of Thomas Nelson, the largest Christian publisher in the country.

Thank you to all my readers and followers. And a great big thank you to Lyn for creating a modern, up-to-date blog for me.  I look forward to seeing you soon on “For His Glory“.

3 thoughts on “Face lift For My Blog

  1. Great Job Lyn and Steve, I love the new look!! Very crisp and inviting at the same time. Redoing a site is a lot of work…been there done that. Funny I just made a bunch of changes to mine as well! 🙂

    Glad you are back Steve!

    Blessings to you both


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