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Walk To Emmaus–Four Part Series

Tuesday, November 6, we begin a four-part series on the Road to Emmaus.

We will follow the journey of two travelers who witnessed the crucifixion and burial of Jesus in Jerusalem. Then on Sunday, women who went to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body found the tomb empty. The news startled and confounded the disciples and Jesus’ followers with them. Among the followers were the two men traveling seven miles to their home in Emmaus that day.

Their story in Luke 24:13-35, reveals a lot about followers of Jesus today and their walk with the Lord. Plug into this series and see if you can spot yourself. The Bible reveals four distinctive levels of awareness, conviction and consecration of believers.

Where are you?

Follow along as we explore each of these four stages of belief in the power of Jesus in our lives:

  • What A Bummer — Tuesday, November 6
  • Dull In The Skull — Tuesday, November 13
  • Heart Burn — Tuesday, November 20
  • He’s Alive — Tuesday, November 27

Get ready for this exciting, revealing series. Read the story of  two men and their journey from unbelief to knowing the living Christ. Luke 24:13-35.

See you right here Tuesday.

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