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Dull In The Skull

This is the second post in my four-part series, Road to Emmaus.

Last week we examined two disciples who had witnessed the crucifixion and resurrection. They hung out with Jesus followers, but now, they were going home. Their hearts were heavy and they were sad. They thought Jesus would be the One who would save the Israelites and be their earthly king. Now, they thought, He was dead. They were not unlike many who call themselves “Christians” who do not believe in a living Jesus.

We pick up their story in Luke 24:15

As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; but they were kept from recognizing them.

Jesus questioned them about the things they saw and experienced.

When they finished telling Him all they knew, Jesus responded candidly and pointedly: “How foolish you are,(dull in the skull) and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!”

Many folks who call themselves Christians know they must believe in a crucified Christ. And they know they must believe in a risen, living Christ. They try to grasp it and take it in, but it does not bring them a blessing. Why? Because they want to feel it and not have to believe it. They want to work for it; and, by their own self efforts take hold of it.

This is the second stage. the first stage, What A Bummer, represents Christian ignorance.  You can be saved, accept Jesus into your hearts and not believe there is actually a living Jesus.

This second stage represents unbelief. They don’t believe there is a living Jesus, living inside them, who can do everything for them. These folks believe they have to work to gain acceptance, to be loved by God, to have Jesus work in their lives. They are works oriented.

I must admit I lived in a stage of unbelief until I was in my 50’s. Was I saved? Yes, since I was 11 or 12. Did I believe in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus? Certainly. But I had no idea what that meant.  All those years I thought I had to work to become a “better Christian.” I believed that my behavior determined the degree of acceptance by Jesus. I believed there was this measuring device, a scale, if you will, that determined how much I was loved by God. Guys like Billy Graham and Mother Theresa were up there around a 10. I was groveling at or near the bottom of the scale at a 1 or 2.  Sometimes I felt like a 6 or 7, when I would do something really great for God, like teaching teenagers about the love of Jesus.

I was teaching things to others I didn’t believe myself. One of my favorite spiritual songs back then was He’s Alive”. I sang it in our church choir. We performed it at

Easter. And I didn’t believe it. A living Jesus was not real to me. I sang it, I claimed it, I told others He was alive and didn’t believe it myself.

I think about this a lot: I wonder how many of you reading this are like I used to be. Do you believe in a living Christ who can do EVERYTHING for you? Paul said it best:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.

That doesn’t mean Paul could make two-plus-two-equal-five. Or he could turn water into wine. What it means is that Paul believed in a living Christ who could do all things in and through Paul’s life, if Paul chose to allow Christ to.

Do you have a doubting heart? Can you take in the wonderful truth that Jesus lives?

If you missed the first post in this series, What A Bummer follow this link to catch up.

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2 thoughts on “Dull In The Skull

  1. I truly was blessed by this message, Steve. I know the truth but sometimes in my struggles I grow weary. But now, just being reminded that despite my pain that Christ is alive and that he has given me his strength to do all things! He has the authority to cause all my problems to be used for my good. I have nothing to fear! I am blessed.

    Thanks for this timely reminder.


    1. Marianna,
      Wow! Thank you so much for your encouragement and your awesome comments. You don’t realize how much you blessed me. If I never get another comment all day, I will be filled with the joy of the Lord just by reading how much God blesses you through the message He gave me. He is an awesome God. I don’t know what you’re going through, but I know the God who will be as close as your breath each day. Whatever our trials, God uses them, as you say, to strengthen us, grow our faith, and use them for our good and the others who watch us handle our trials. I am always here for whatever I can do to walk along side you and encourage you on your journey. May God richly bless you, Marianna.


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