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Thoughts On Newtown

I have avoided posting anything so far about the senseless slaughter of innocent children and teachers in Newtown. I have been looking on Facebook and a few blogs for meaningful comments to share on my blog. Everything that could be said, has been said. And said. And said. One of my Facebook friends poured her heart out on her Facebook page. She expressed some of the same feelings and emotions many others experienced. But her candor and transparency touched my heart. And I want to share her thoughts with all of you.

A wonderful blessing about my friend is that she is a former student of mine at Capitol Heights Junior High School in Montgomery, Alabama, Deanna Shaddix Kell.Deanna Kell  One blessing is that God has allowed us to reconnect after all these years and become friends all over again through Facebook. The other blessing, to me, is that Deanna loves the Lord and has an intimate and personal relationship with our Savior.  We also share that. Deanna graduated from Mississippi State (It’s not Alabama, but at least it’s an SEC school.) and now works for a law firm in West Alabama. She is the proud mother of two sons, and the grandmother to a new granddaughter. Here are her heartfelt thoughts.


It is hard to be a believer when tragedy strikes. I question God. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around things like what happened in CT. I know that evil has existed since the beginning of time but then I also know that God is omni….everything. My thinking goes like this…didn’t God know this was going to happen before it happened? And, so, did He allow it? And why? Why would he allow such a horrible thing to happen? Was it His will? These kinds of questions can, and do, shake my faith to the core. I know that when I start down this road of thinking, God is going to step in and take a firm hand with me because He knows me better than anyone and He knows what it takes to get my attention. He knows what it takes to steer me back to where I need to be. And, He always brings this verse to mind….in John 21:21-22, Peter is really concerned about the way he feels Jesus is treating him compared to the way he is treating John, and he asks Jesus, “what about him” and Jesus says to Peter, and I paraphrase….that is none of your business, if I want him to remain alive until my return, it doesn’t concern you. You are only to be concerned with following me..

And then, I am back on track. I am still afraid, though. I am fearful for the safety of the people I love the most. I mean, if this could happen to babies, 5 and 6 years old, it could happen to anyone. That fear can be enough to keep me from wanting to let any of them out of my sight. Can’t I just stay locked up with my family and friends? Can’t I just keep them safe? How do we get past that fear? And again, I hear…”follow me…that’s all I am asking you to do.” And He points me to John 16:33…”.I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” and John 10:10 The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. Not a hide in your house for fear of what is going to happen next, but a knowing that something may happen, but all that has been overcome so that we can have an abundant life, an abundant life, with which to share we everyone we come in contact with.

I attended a funeral not long ago and the pastor addressed the saying that God will never put on us more than we can handle and I so appreciated what he said. He said that he believes that God will allow us to have more on us than we can handle. He allows enough on us that we will break, even, but God never breaks and God is always there, even when we get to those points where we can’t handle what is happening. Up to that point, I thought I must have been forgotten by God. I know in my life there have been times when I was broken and I thought because the saying said he would never allow that, then He surely must have forgotten me. It kept me angry with God for many years. But as I look back on those times now, I know that even though God allowed me to be broken, He never left my side, just like He will never leave the side of the hurting parents and family and friends of all those who so violently lost their lives this week.

I don’t know why it happened but I do believe that God was not taken by surprise. I do believe that we will see hope come out of this. I do believe that we will see God’s hand in so many places but I also believe that He intends for us, as believers, to keep walking through this world with His message of love and forgiveness and hope and salvation…even if our legs are shaking while we walk…we keep on walking. Even if we don’t understand, we keep on walking. Everything is not our business but every soul we come in contact with is. God is always reminding me to mind my own business…..and keep on walking, loving as many people as I can. Practicing forgiveness, where ever and when ever I can, even if it’s hard. Helping anyone I can. If I am doing all these things, I don’t have time to worry about the “why”.

I’m not going to attempt to try to address issues like gun control and mental illness in this equation. I believe God expects us to be wise in taking care of ourselves and our families and we have to look within to find out what that means for each of us, but I try to filter everything that happens in my life through the word of God. I try to live my life that way. And what it tells me is that we are going to have trouble, we are going to have heartbreaking, soul-shaking events happen to us. Our lives are personally going to be touched by heart ache and tragedy that we never see coming, but none of it catches God off guard. None of it surprises Him and it’s nothing he can’t handle, or use if we will let him. It seems harsh maybe. I know people question God. I question God. But, if you stop and think about it, what are the alternatives?

Out of this tragedy, I have heard stories of heroism, compassion, courage, love, forgiveness. These things will overshadow this tragedy. They will make us believe in the goodness of others and our own goodness. Every time something of this magnitude occurs in this country, or in our lives, I pray that it will leave us all better people. That we will lean on God, lean on one another, pray more, hope more, forgive more and love more. Christmas is coming. What a blow to evil it would be to celebrate it by giving, by hoping and by loving. There is still hope.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts On Newtown

  1. I asked God why..and every time I hear of some horrible tragedy involving a child, or children, I get angry with Him and I tell Him I am angry..and I cry…and I say, “Why?” The only thing He has really told me that I can even come close to comprehending is that Jesus came to save our souls..but that in the end, until Satan is defeated, he (Satan) has dominion over the flesh. After all, if we don’t live to see the rapture..what takes our mortal body? Death. Death is a result of sin…death belongs to Satan. However, He did tell me too that when it is not that person’s time to go because God is not finished, He will step in and thwart Satan’s plans.

    So, to wrap it all up, what God was saying is that even the flesh of the saved person, because it is corrupt since the fall of man, and is made from the earth (dust) belongs to Satan..but Satan does not own the soul. So when we see terrible, horrible things happen, and we ask, “Why?” It is because Satan is the god of the ‘world’, knowing God is God of all..but has given Satan the authority over the world. That is why we can call on Jesus as our Savior. Where Satan can have our body, he can not take our soul, unless by our own will, we allow it.

    It’s kind of hard to explain. I hope you understand what I mean. All flesh is corrupt, from the unborn, to the born, to the baby, to the child, to the teenager, to the adult..to the old…to the innocent and to the evil..all flesh is wicked and disobedient.

    Satan knows Jesus is coming very soon. He knows it is so soon, that those children would have still be beneath the age of accountability and would’ve gone to heaven regardless. He knows that he couldn’t have them because of their ages. Even though, like us, he doesn’t know the exact day or hour, he is intelligent enough to know it’s VERY soon. So here’s the thing. He can take the children and babies who will ALWAYS go back to the Father and destroy those who are above the age of accountibility by doing such things. There are those, after such a thing is done, that will blame God and turn away from Him as a result.

    See? The child goes back to God, but the person affected by the death of the child might turn away. This is Satan’s plan. However, as we all know, the old wicked serpent overplays his cards at times…and what oftentimes happens in the midst of tragedy, is people suffer to the point of hitting rock bottom where they have nothing else..and in their despair surrender to God..finding Him in the middle of their turbulent storm. So Satan does things to try and turn people from God, but sometimes, his own plans bite him in the butt! Praise God!


      1. You’re welcome, Steve..and God bless you! Hope you’ve been doing well, amidst all the chaos. As for me, I have been so sad this past week, as if it happened in my own family. I have cried and cried and cried. It almost doesn’t seem real. And then the Lord has been speaking to me that this is only the beginning..it gets worse from here on out..and I keep praying. I have broken down in tears while praying in the Spirit for no reason…the Spirit pleading to the Father..word I’ve never heard myself say..they sounded very Hebrew or something..and I was just weeping like never before.


      2. I have been upset as well. I substituted in a kindergarten class all day Friday. They were 5 and 6 years old. I didn’t hear anything about the shootings until I came home and it was on the news. I was shattered. Still am. You are right, though, it will not get better. Only worse. Until Christ comes again. His creation, I hope will pray and groan even louder and more fiercely now. You are also right. He is coming soon. These are the birth pangs the Bible speaks of. Dark days are ahead for us. I am so grateful that my Savior holds me safely in the palm of His hand. Thank you and God bless.


      3. God bless you Steve. Yes, it will not get any better. This thing that has happened is beyond horrible…and it’s hard to imagine that even worse things are coming. We must pray without ceasing this day..and fall on our face as a sign in the spiritual places of our submission to God…this is a sign to demonic hosts that we submit to YHVH only..and it will strengthen our prayers!


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