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Wow! Look What’s Coming Next Week On “For His Glory”

Karla Faye Tucker didn’t have much of a chance in life. She grew up in the home with a longshoreman and a rock and roll groupie. She got into drugs and alcohol at 12 and at 14 she followed her mom into prostitution.  Hardened by her tough breaks and a penchant for trouble, she fell in with some bad dudes.  After a wild weekend of sex and drugs Karla and her friends broke into another friend’s apartment. In the course of the robbery Karla Faye attacked and killed a girl in the apartment. She was later tried and convicted of murder and sentenced to death. In prison she met Jesus Christ and became an impactful witness for more than a decade on death row.

You can read her story next week on For His Glory.

Do you know the difference between concern and worry? David P. Jeremiah,  conservative evangelical Christian author, authorstelevangelist, and current senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California, explains in words even I can understand the difference. I read one of his devotionals on the topic and wrote a post based on his devotional. It’s important that you and I know the difference between concern and worry. I know, for myself, I learned a valuable lesson from his teaching. I hope you will too.

Have you ever heard of a preposition that could change your entire perspective on your trials in life? There is one. After some prayer and Bible study I’m going to tell you all about it and how God will allow it to work in your life.

Then on Wednesday next week we’ll share with you the next installment of Author Amanda Beth’s wonderful series, Preparing For Your Calling. And on Thursday we’ll share one of John Ed Mathison’s always insightful and inspirational devotional message.

Join us for some great reads and daily encouragement, Monday through Friday on For His Glory as God shares with us the love and light He pours out to us. And, as always, my prayer is that we will all learn to know, understand and live out of our true identity in Christ.

Here’s the lineup. And this is just for starters. Who knows what other surprises God might have in store for us next week.   Enjoy.

Monday — Meet The Thief On The Cross
Tuesday — The Difference Between Concern and Worry
Tuesday — The Preposition That Keeps ON Giving
Wednesday — Preparing For God’s Calling
Thursday — John Ed Mathison’s Blog Post
Friday —  God only knows.   Literally.

One thought on “Wow! Look What’s Coming Next Week On “For His Glory”

  1. Thanks for having me on your blog, Steve! It’s a blessing. And thanks again for all your help and encouragement this evening. I am waiting on the Lord!! He is so faithful. Why worry about anything:)


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