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There Should Be More Weeping

In the days following the anniversary of the birth of our U.S. holocaust, the Supreme Court’s death sentence on unborn children, Roe Vs. WadeT_lori I read this post by one of my blogging friends, “There Should Be More Weeping” by Lori Stanley Roeleveld. It is, in my opinion, one of the best, most compelling Pro Life messages I have ever read.

Here’s just a taste:

My generation knew about holocausts so we weren’t going to tolerate them in our times. But then, we stumbled headlong into the killing fields of Cambodia, the tribal feuds of Rwanda, China under Mao and the conflict in Darfur. We were faced with the red-handed fact that even armed with freedom, voices, education, democracy, and a generational sense of entitlement, there are some things we can’t stop fast enough. The piles of human skulls buried in mass graves testify to our lack of power.

Personally I am a passionate, outspoken, Pro-Life advocate. I don’t write muchT weepiing about it, because I find other passionate Pro Life writers do a better job conveying the passion and tragedy of the U.S. Holocaust than I do. Lori and I follow each other’s blog and I commented on her “Weeping” post that I wanted to share her sad, yet compelling, passionate post with my readers.

Lori is a married and retired home school mom writing in Rhode Island, she says on her blog. She is a full-time case worker for families in need. And, like me, she grew up in the torrid 60’s. She draws from her Vietnam era generation experiences to cast a shadow of mourning over the tragedy we mark each year as Sanctity of Life Sunday.

If you value the sanctity of life, I strongly recommend that you take time to click through here to read “There Should Be More Weeping.”

It’s not a happy peace. It’s not intended to be. Weeping would be good.

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