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New Things On For His Glory

I am excited and eager to share with you all what God is doing on For His Glory.

You’ll be seeing some new stuff on For His Glory beginning this week.

  • Leaning towards shorter posts. — Several of the regular bloggers I read say such powerful things in short, crisp blogging posts. They bless me. I, on the other hand tend to write longer, detailed blog posts. That’s my nature, and that’s okay.  As a newspaper reporter back in the day we covered every aspect of a news or feature story and were encouraged to write long newsy, fact-filled stories.  But, I believe God is leading me to write more short blog posts instead of the novelettes I’m used to writing.  That way you can pop in, read a post or two in a few minutes, and be on your way, hopefully taking with you a blessing from God.
  • Focusing on Exchanged Life — My mission for this blog is to help my readers know, understand and live out of their true identity in Christ, and ID in Christencourage those authentic followers of Christ who already do. That’s my single passion for this ministry blog. So many folks who call themselves “Christians” today don’t get past just getting saved and then waiting to go to heaven. They go to church, they might flip through a coffee table bible a few times a year, they volunteer a pack of store-bought cookies for the church bazaar, they give an offering every Christmas and Easter. However, they don’t live the abundant life Christ offers because they don’t know who they really are in Christ. So, when you see the body-soul-spirit logo here, you’ll know that the post for the day will be offering insight into who we really are in Christ.
  • Featuring more guest bloggers — I’ve been privileged to meet and feature some great blog writers on For His Glory. I will be sharing more of their posts in the weeks and months to come. I already feature two great blog writers, Author Amanda Beth and Dr. John Ed Mathison each week. I’ll be adding to their contributions and featuring more great writing from some devoted Christ followers. The guest bloggers I feature are all:
    • dedicated, authentic followers of Jesus Christ
    • spiritually gifted, talented writers who can put a sentence together and write meaningful, thought provoking, easy-to-read posts
    • genuine blogosphere friends with whom I have developed what I hope will be lasting relationships as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ

Editor’s Note: I want to remind everyone who reads For His Glory that this is NOT MY BLOG. This blog and all its contents belong to God. I am a cracked clay pot God has chosen to favor with the gift of writing. I’m a broken vessel, scarred and wrinkled. The words you read here are words He has given me to write. I have nothing to offer you, only what He gives me to share. Like the title says, this blog is For His Glory. Period. I pray that you will be blessed each time you visit here. You all are the motivation for what I do. Without God, there is nothing to share.  With Him and with you, my readers, we can all learn to grow in our faith in Jesus and our love for one another. God bless.

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