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Could Satan Be A Boy Scout?

I had to laugh when I read this week that the Boy Scouts of America are changing their 100-plus-year-old policy and allow homosexuals to be Boy Scout Leaders. Their shift in moral standards doesn’t, in my view, have all that much to do with the Boy Scouts or with homosexuals. What’s the driving force behind the cultural firestorm? Read Could Satan Be A Boy Scout? this week on For His Glory.bloggers4

You can also read a thought-provoking guest blog about homosexuals by Pastor Robin Schumacher. He argues in his blog on the Christian Post website that their “Born This Way” argument fails.

Also this week you can read the second best blog post I’ve ever read. Guest Blogger Helen Murray, who writes across the pond from her blog, Are We Nearly There Yet? scored kudos from me for her post The Healer. I know Helen’s wonderful post about Jesus’ healing power in her own life will bless all who read it.

I also pose a personal question for all my readers this week. Who’s Your Spouse? God’s word says everyone is married. Who are YOU married to? Read Who’s Your Spouse? to find out who it is.

Have you ever had your identity stolen? If you say “No, I’ve never had it stolen,” you would be wrong. You have. And you may not even realize it happened. I’ll tell you how it was stolen and who stole it this week on For His Glory.

Of course, we’ll feature our two regular guest bloggers.  Author Amanda continues her series, Preparing For Your Calling. And John Ed writes about getting and giving in his weekly blog post.

And I promise you a few more surprises along the way. I hope you enjoy reading For His Glory this week. And I hope God blesses you as you read as much as God blessed me as I was sharing the truths He shared with me.

One thought on “Could Satan Be A Boy Scout?

  1. I really look forward to the boy scout post. My son is in a Christian homeschool scout group. If that passes, I’m not sure how that will effect our group. But it doesn’t surprise me. They do accept all religions. They aren’t Christian. My son was going for the religious badge and I couldn’t even figure out which one was for Christ followers. There were some pretty crazy religions on there that I didn’t even know existed, including many weird Christian types.


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