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+ELS–Awesome Law Week On For His Glory

What a blog post line up next week on For His Glory!

Monday, February 18 — I Fought The Law And The Law Won

Tuesday, February 19 — When Jesus Broke The Law

Wednesday, February 20 — Big Bad Mr. “If”

Thursday, February 21 — What If No One Saw The Lily?

Friday, February 22 — What Is The Law And Why Do We Have It? Part I

Monday, February 25 — What Is The Law And Why Do We Have It? Part II

We’ve got a great week of God’s Truth posts lined up next week on a critically important topic in God’s Word. Those who are seeking to know their true identity in Christ need to know law of Godwhat the law is and how it impacts our lives today. We’ll learn all about it together on For His Glory next week.

I know. I know. You probably thinking, “Law week? How boring!”  “Nay, nay,” says the scribe! To those who are looking for excitement, humor, God speaking to our hearts through His word and a better understanding of your true identity in Christ, you won’t want to miss a single post!

And you can take that to the bank! Well, on second thought, maybe the credit union.  Better still, take it to your bedroom and tuck it under your mattress.

  • What IS the law and why do we have it?
  • Is there more to the law than just the Ten Commandments?
  • What do they mean when they talk about “the law” in the Bible?
  • Jesus said he came to fulfill “the law”.
  • Sometimes the Bible says the law is good, sometimes it says it’s bad. Which is it?
  • Can it be both good and bad? How can that be?
  • Does the law Moses gave his people still apply to us today?
  • If we live in the age of grace, why do we have to be concerned about the law today anyway?

ID in ChristGood questions all. And we’ll answer them all and more next week, Law Week, on For His Glory.

Many believers have questions, doubts and misgivings about what law in the Bible is and what, if any, impact it has in our lives today. We’ll explore the law and how it applies to us each weekday next week on For His Glory. See what’s coming:

Of course, we’ll be featuring our regular blogging guests, Author Amanda Beth and  Dr. John Ed Mathison. Hope to see you right back here on For His Glory next week.

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