Gay Marriage–Now A Legal, Not A Moral, Issue in U.S.

Gay Marriage is no longer a moral issue in the U.S. of A.

The issue has become the poster child for living under law instead of grace. Man’s law. It appears our country is moving in that direction.

I read a blog on LinkedIn recently by Meg Whitman, the CEO over at Hewlett Packard. Ms. Whitman, who formerly opposed gay marriage, now supports the move to legalize it. She has, “come to embrace same-sex marriage after a period of careful review and reflection,” she said. “The facts and arguments presented during the legal process since then have had a profound impact on my thinking.”  During the legal process she says. The Legal Process?  Facts and Arguments. Facts and arguments?. . . .See? I told you!

“Marriage,” Whitman said, “is the fundamental institution that unites a society. It is the single greatest contributor to the well-being of adults and children because it promotes eternal principles like commitment, state of gay marriagefidelity and stability.” Now, there is something we can agree on. Unfortunately, the next words that fly off her keyboard separate me from her as far as the east is from the west. “It makes no difference,” according to her, “whether the marriage is between a man and woman or a woman and woman.”

I thought it was interesting that she referred to principles as “eternal”.  In my opinion, there is nothing “eternal” about a legalistic resolution to any social issue. No man-made law has EVER resulted in  anything eternal.

But we’re witnessing “the law” replace our moral compass. Law is replacing grace. Elected officials, most of whom are attorneys (that’s a scary thought in itself) are now defining our social institutions. Man thinks his law trumps God’s law. But God settled the “Law” of marriage in Genesis. He define marriage and the family.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2:24.

The word “wife” in the Greek “gunaikeios means woman, married or unmarried. As an adjective it is used to denote something womanly, or female

Then He told Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply.”

And God’s law IS eternal.

If the Supreme Court rules that gay marriage is legitimate, “be fruitful and multiply” goes out the window. Any children who wind up in a “gay family” will have to come from somewhere else.

¹An Expository Dictionary Of Biblical Words, by W.E. Vine; © 1984 by Thomas Nelson Inc., Publishers; pg. 1227.

13 thoughts on “Gay Marriage–Now A Legal, Not A Moral, Issue in U.S.

  1. The “gay gene” is not true in any scientific sense. Yet, in the absence of proof, people still want to believe it. That’s like believing that one can be born as an adulterer or a pedophile. Of course, people who believe in the “born that way” argument are offended by this comparison because they do not consider homosexuality to be a perversion.

    Homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle. This is hidden from our society. The average lifespan of a male homosexual is almost half of the male population as whole. There are real physiological reasons why this is true and is has to do with their disgusting physical acts.

    My answer to the “born that way” argument is this. I was born with a natural disgust to the homosexual lifestyle. It is revolting to me. Just the thought of the filthy things they do makes me want to vomit. I can’t help myself. I was born that way.

    In our society today, only one of these two ideas is going to be tolerated. Either homosexuals will have to stay in the closet or Christianity will have to go in the closet. Unfortunately, it is beginning to look like the positions are changing and the latter is moving into the closet.

    Homosexual activists used to say – just leave us alone and let us live the way we want to. Now increasingly they are becoming agressive and demanding that everyone not only let them do their own perversions, but also affirm that it is good and right. They don’t just want to do their own acts in secret, they want to call it marriage. It is not good and right — it is perverted.


  2. There is only one answer to the question, and it comes from the Manufacturer. God, our Creator, made us male and female and throughout both the Old and New Testaments, He condemned the actions of those who practised homosexuality. America and other countries are on a steeply downward path when they disobey His laws.

    We have a dear friend who practised homosexuality for many years and it never interferred with our mutual personal respect or friendship, but he knew our strong beliefs on the subject. (Thankfully, he became a Christian and turned from his ways about ten years ago)


  3. Let me clarify… I don’t belive that most people are born gay… I belive that if you happen to be gay, most people are born that way…. In other words, I don’t think most people chose to be that way. So in my opinion… it is hard for me to imagine that Grace is limited.


    1. Di,
      I urge you to read the guest post I’ve linked here called “Why The Born That Way Argument Fails”
      I do not believe anyone is “born” into a lifestyle. To me that goes against the creation story. In my opinion, if God had allowed His creation to be born some other way besides as a man and a woman, he would have created a person that way. But He did not. He only created two. One man and one woman.
      I encourage you to read the guest post, then I’d be more than happy to discuss the issue further. I think you have my email. But if you don’t you can comment back to me here and we can exchange emails. Thanks for your comments.


    2. No one is born gay and no one is gay. What I mean by that is that being gay isn’t a condition that can be biologically verified like someone born with autism or Asperger syndrome. Homosexuality is a deception by the enemy. From what I know about our God, it isn’t in His character to create people gay. Ask yourself this question, why would He create anyone gay knowing that He would later condemn them to be stoned for being gay? Does that sound like our Lord? Not only that, but by His words in Mark 10:6-8, we know that the reason men and women are to only marry each other is because He made them male and female only. Homosexuality is not of God, it is the enemy’s perversion of God’s plan that He laid out in Genesis 2:24. Grace very much is limited; it is limited to those who KNOW Him.


  4. I have several gay friends and they are wonderful people and I love them. I am pretty much convinced that most people are born being gay. Bottom line is…the Bible is pretty clear.
    Though it is pretty clear about a lot of things that we still partake in.
    My heart is to please God. I fail daily. Thankfully, I am covered by Grace.
    That doesn’t mean I knowingly just go and continue to not make every effort to keep pleasing Him. However…. I still continue to fail and He still keeps the Grace coming!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend.


    1. Did you get a chance to read the story I sent you? That might be good for a discussion between us if you do get a chance to read it. I’d like that.


  5. They got Bill O’Reilly too now. If you have the Holy Spirit abiding within you and let’s face it, that is a very small segment of the population, you will have a visceral reaction to this issue. For those who don’t have the Holy Spirit abiding within them, their innate wickedness will be revealed over this issue. This is the issue that I believe really does separate the sheep from the goats. And Praise God for this separation because I think it is just further evidence of how close to Glory we actually are. Cant wait, I’m giddy with anticipation.


    1. I don’t think Bill was ever on board anyway. I have heard some of his chatter before and I’m not sold that he’s even a believer. I think whatever he says on his show he says for ratings.He’s just another talking head to me.


      1. I’m pretty sure he isn’t a believer, at least not in the born-again sense, which is the only sense that matters. He very much was on board at one time, and fairly recently. That is why they now have him, because in my opinion he lacks the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


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