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Gay Marriage Post Draws Fire, Favor

The Most Commented-On For His Glory Post Ever

The Jesus Loves Homosexuals post I published two weeks ago has become the most commented (and most contentious) post I’ve written in three years as a devotionals blogger. I had to delete the post to stop the comments. Well over 100.

The post taught me two things:

  1. Gay marriage is one of the most divisive and vociferous social issues of our times.
  2. Many many folks who call themselves “Christians” are as contentious and “anti-love-one-another” as their secular, godless counterparts.

A Divisive Social Issue

  • I received more pro-gay-marriage comments and emails from folks who call themselves “Christians” than I ever expected.
  • Some folks who call themselves “Christians” commented with blatant anger and disgust. I could feel the animosity in their words.
  • Some “Christians” who commented attacked each other for their positions on the issue. Comments such as, “I am certainly glad that you are not my father. Your judgmental attitude is as sinful in the eyes of God as homosexuality is.” were common. Here’s anothergay marriage art snide comment from a commenter who’s helping me prove my point: “I believe it says in the Bible that blasphemy is the “worst” sin, and maybe the only sin God can’t forgive. So what is blasphemy?
    One part of blasphemy is mistreating God’s children and we are all God’s children.”

    • Wrong! The only unpardonable sin is unbelief. And how about that definition of blasphemy, “mistreating God’s children“. Certainly mistreating God’s children is sin, but it’s not blasphemy as I understand it, as this person claims.
  • Some “Christians” who commented I felt were rigid and inflexible. They sounded to me more concerned with blasting those who disagreed with them and not hearing what others were saying. No one, it seemed to me, was interested in agreeing to disagree.
  • At least two lifelong classmates who were friends on Facebook unfriended me. One former classmate who has a gay son wrote a scathing attack on my character and beliefs.
  • Those who call themselves Christians landed on both sides of this issue with equal fervor.
  • Some “Christian” comments bashed gays and used derogatory epithets to describe gays and the gay lifestyle.
  • Some “Christians” openly supported gay marriage and accepted the “born-this-way” argument even though God’s Word does not support it.

A Misunderstanding Or Misuse Of God’s Word

  • The discussion turned quickly to comments about sin and “homos” and sex and God and forgiveness et. al.
  • After reading many of the comments, I concluded not many of the commentators read my original post. Almost 75% of it was quoting Romans 1:18-32. After about a week some of the comments became convoluted, long, and confusing. Some folks rambled. Some folks just seemed to want an excuse to rant.
  • Some comments were strong, well-thought-out, Biblically based responses to the gay marriage issue.
  • Some comments were legitimate questions folks posted seeking answers to life’s questions. That was great to see.
  • Some folks pulled familiar parts of Scripture out of the sky, using it out of context. They wrote things such as, “God says . . .” or “I believe the Bible says . . .” or “Jesus taught. . .” I don’t recall more than a stray scripture reference in the more than 100 comments I’ve received so far. In all the comments in two weeks, I could count on one hand all those who quoted scripture to support the points they were trying to make.
  • Several comments confirmed for me that some folks who call themselves “Christians” don’t know or accept the power of God’s word in their lives.  Here’s an example: “But to qualify for the forgiveness He earned for us, we must be trying not to sin.” We don’t have to “qualify” for forgiveness. Ever. And I guess some folks still believe “trying” not to sin will keep them from sinning.  It’s not in the trying, but the trusting that keeps us focused on God (John 15:1-5). It’s not you and I who choose not to sin. It is abiding in Christ and allowing Him to live His life in us, through us and as us that will help us choose not to sin. Not anything we “try” to do in our own flesh.
  • It became painfully obvious to me that many, many commentators are more interested in promoting their own agendas and beliefs about God, sin and the Bible than they are accepting differences and avoiding divisions.

After this post and all the response I’ve received I have heartfelt concerns about where “the church” is and where it’s headed. If the comments I’ve received are any indication, we are further polarized than I thought. Some are becoming hypercritical towards those who don’t think and believe exactly as they do, then calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them names.  Some in the church, I believe, are becoming a hostile, holier-than-thou bunch of narrow-minded, self-serving, agenda-pushing, intolerant, legalistic hypocrites. Unfortunately, some commenters to this post sounded exactly like that.

I continue publishing a wonderful series by Rob Morley called Welcoming Differences Avoiding Divisions. In his series Rob explores ways we might be able to forge a more unified body of believers to carry out God’s purpose for our lives. In my opinion every church goer could benefit from reading what this popular pastor and blogger has to say.

12 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Post Draws Fire, Favor

  1. Steven…I enjoyed the blogs and all the comments…I certainly don’t have the answer, but God does.

    God’s Promise or Satan’s Parade

    God speaks in whispers…his promise sincere
    His gentle thoughts filling our mind.
    Love without limits…pronounced strong and clear
    Simple goodness…gracious and kind.

    Then, there’s Satan…obnoxious and loud
    Promoting self…making light of God’s grace.
    He’s no story to tell, so he fuels your doubt
    Spewing lies and deceit…in your face!

    With Satan, it’s about feeling good…for a while!
    With God…feeling right all the time.
    For the wise…a journey free from sin’s trials
    For the fool…an impossible climb.

    Can’t we have a little of each…?
    Some compromise…some give and take?
    No…a mixture concept is too much of a reach…
    There’s no future in pot-luck faith!

    Where does that leave us…? It’s time to decide…
    Satan’s emptiness perpetuated, or God’s promise fulfilled?
    This is one of life’s moments when we’re forced to pick sides…
    Because if we don’t…Satan certainly will!

    We hope you pick promise…but if you’re confused
    Through prayer…God’s guidance you’ll find.
    When you simply ask Jesus to please help you choose
    Life’s cobwebs are swept from your mind.

    So what do you seek…what’s your desire?
    His salvation…never betrayed?
    Or short-lived, self-centered euphoria…
    God’s Promise…or Satan’s parade?

    I’ll go with God!


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    1. Excellent thoughts and comments. I wish everyone else who commented could read your comment now. You are absolutely correct: God and God alone has the answer. We just need to turn to Him for it.
      Thank you again for such insight and thoughtful comments. God bless you.


  2. During the Democratic National Convention, it was made clear that they have taken a stance on and defined love and marriage in a way that many had not thought of before. I heard speakers say, several times (at least 3 times); “Every person has a right to marry whoever they love”. This was quoted many times during the convention. I have a question that I would like to direct specifically to heterosexual parents who believe that gay marriage is okay. If your adult son and daughter came to you one day and said they were in love and wanted to get married, how would you feel about that? Would you be okay with that? Now don’t pull the morality card on me because we know that has been thrown out the window. And at this point we would really have to ask the question, “whose morals are you talking about?”; because men of the world make their own morals and change laws to suit them. Please don’t tell me that God’s word says that homosexuality is okay and incest is wrong, that is not even rational or logical, because God’s word is clear on both counts. Don’t give the the whole, “what about deformed children?” thing, because we know that is not the issue either. We are talking about rights here. We are talking about every person having the right to marry whoever they love. How do you feel about this? I’m really very interested in this question. What about multiple spouses, I mean, if I fall in love with another man, why should I have to divorce my husband if he consents to me taking another husband? I should be able to marry whoever I love. Need I go on? This is how the pagans lived my friends. Is that okay?

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    1. Thank you for your reply, JD. It is a shame. I don’t know where we’re headed. Thank you for commenting so openly.


  3. Total depravity is an ugly thing when unleashed good friend. If we were to really examine those verses from Romans, we would find that Paul isn’t claiming that the wrath of God is being revealed due to those lists of sins, including the misuse of sex, but that those are the evidences that His wrath is being poured out because we have suppressed His knowledge. The text says that because we have suppressed His knowledge, He turns us over to our lusts. Once again, total depravity is an ugly thing when unleashed. Keep being faithful to the Word Steven. In season and out of season. Blessings

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    1. Yes, Mike, “The text says that because we have suppressed His knowledge, He turns us over to our lusts.’ Amen! Thank you so much for your encouragement. God bless, my friend.


  4. Wow, I just read that post. It was mostly Scripture. The Bible says: “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

    It’s God’s Word people are fighting against, not you. It offended people when Jesus spoke the Word and it will offend when we speak His Word:

    Aware that his disciples were grumbling about this, Jesus said to them, “Does this offend you? Then what if you see the Son of Man ascend to where he was before! The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirite and life. Yet there are some of you who do not believe.” John 6:61-64

    Blessings to you as you continue preaching the truth in His Word! 🙂

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  5. Keep standing for Truth and Righteousness Bro. Steven! As I stated in one of my recent posts: “The reason you believe you were “Born This Way” is because you aren’t “Born Again”!

    Minister Glenda

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