What About SEX?

We haven’t talked about the “S word” on this blog before. After all, this is asex sign family friendly blog. Right?

Sex is one of those words we usually avoid in casual conversations with our friends and small groups at church. In fact, we rarely bring it up at all. And yet, our culture bathes in it. Basks in it. Promotes it. Uses it. Abuses it.

Advertisers use sex to sell every product imaginable. TV shows and series, movies, talking heads, magazines, video games, toys, newspapers, DVD’s, politicians, government agencies, websites all use sex to garner votes, gain viewers or readers, entertain, increase market share, get their message across.

It would probably be impossible to go through a day without being exposed to sex.

But the Author of sex, the God who created it, has a different perspective on sex. Like so many of His creations, man has managed to pollute, misinterpret, misuse and exploit this beautiful gift.

We’ll talk about the “S word” and discover what God said about it in His word this season on For His Glory. Watch email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. You’ll begin seeing brand new posts on For His Glory beginning September 3.

4 thoughts on “What About SEX?

  1. When I was a young teenager, just discovering the excitement and mystery of girls, I began to see that men were distinctly different from women… in a bad way. 90% of criminals are men… essentially all rapists… most violence… most of the world’s problems seemed, in my young mind, to be caused by men. Since I was going to grow up as a man, this bothered me.

    My mom and I had a good relationship… I could ask her any question.

    So I asked her, “Who created sex?”
    “Why on Earth did He do that? It causes so many problems!”
    “He wanted His people to love each other.”


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